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The IDEA Academic Partnership provides quality technology, training and resources to educators at U.S. accredited colleges and universities at no cost. Our goal is to enable professors to enable students with the skills and techniques needed to succeed in a competitive job market. We're here to help you, and your students, every step of the way.

CaseWare IDEA® Education Version - Fully functional version of IDEA with capability to analyze up to 5,000 records. IDEA may be installed on multiple computers to provide students with hands-on experience with data analysis techniques including sampling, aging, fraud detection and cost analysis. Educators are provided with full support and maintenance.

Tutorials and Case Studies - Installed with IDEA, the tutorials and case studies provide step-by-step instructions and data files for IDEA to simplify hands-on instruction.

  • IDEA Tutorial
  • Report Reader
  • Case Study & Case Study Files for IDEA
  • IDEA Advanced Statistical Methods Case Study

IDEA Workbook - Participating educators receive a complimentary copy of the IDEA Workbook ($225 value), which provides examples of how IDEA can be used in the classroom. The workbook is an in-depth tutorial applying IDEA tests and analyses to audits and investigations in accounts receivable, accounts payable/fraud investigation and inventory. Data files are included as a download through the Academic Portal, which is available to students for free also. Student copies of the IDEA Workbook include the IDEA Education Version, user guides, case study and other applicable data files. Purchasing information for hard copies below.

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Tech Support - Participating educators may contact the IDEA Help Desk for assistance in using IDEA's features and functionality.

Training Resources - Participants have access to on-demand videos, articles and case studies. Participating educators interested in attending "IDEA Data Analysis Level 1 and 2" training courses may receive a discount.

Online Resource Center - Secure access to case studies with sample data files, assignments and other documents that may be used for classroom instruction.

Presentations - We provide virtual Webcast presentations about IDEA to students to introduce them to its benefits, real-world examples of use and an overview of its key features and functionality. We can also connect you with one of our many customers who support our Academic Partnership. We have several professionals who are available to speak with students about how they use IDEA in their work.

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