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Audimation Services has helped thousands of people harness technology to conduct more efficient and effective audits. Our Solutions Development division offers a wide range of services to help streamline audits, simplify complex analysis and improve business processes. We work to provide outsourced analytics and professional services to help you overcome challenges and optimize processes.

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Our Approach

With our extensive experience in statistics, audit, accounting, finance, forensics, econometrics and scientific computing, we work as an extension of your team to provide outsourced analytics and professional services in a secure and timely manner. We take a customer-centric approach towards delivering solutions to meet your challenges and objectives. It starts by listening to your needs, and ends with exceeding your expectations.

Challenges Welcome

Most clients we work with have a specific need or goal they want to achieve. There is nothing we enjoy more than solving a complex challenge. From impossible imports, to advanced analytics, and streamlining the end result for optimal efficiency, we tackle challenges of all sizes and intricacies. Our goal is to help you not only find a solution, but to automate the use of analytics to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Core Capabilities

In over 20 years of providing professional services, we have found that no two clients are the same. We can perform a variety of capabilities, and combine our services to help achieve your goals.

Core Capabilities

 Outsourced Analytics

We specialize in applying data analytics to dive deeper into specific risk areas. It requires knowledge and experience to target the right types of data and perform the right analytics to identify potential threats or control weaknesses. Our analytics services help identify duplicate, eliminate false positives and deliver valuable results quickly. We perform analytics on revenue, accounts receivable and payable to quickly identify potential fraud and errors that indicate revenue leakage.

A workforce management global software company needed an automated process to ensure that their employees were following company spending protocols for Travel and Entertainment.

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 Continuous Monitoring/Auditing

Establishing a continuous monitoring or continuous auditing framework can be daunting. Our experts have extensive experience in designing continuous monitoring IDEAScripts and working with IT to ensure accurate data delivery on a continuous basis. The process involves writing unattended scripts with logging so that accurate script runs can be verified and unforeseen errors identified. The process also involves working with clients to eliminate false positives. Exceptions are flagged and monitored to ensure verified exceptions are routed and evaluated for higher levels of accuracy.

A financial services company implemented CaseWare Monitor to identify fraudulent activity, processing errors and recovery opportunities. Data provided by IT needed to be verified prior to analysis for areas such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, General Ledger and Travel and Entertainment.

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 Automation & Optimization for Greater Efficiency

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. If you want to achieve both, we can help create an automated process for just about anything including:

  • Data acquisition and importing
  • Analysis and testing
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Report generation

Our experts can assist with recording virtually any process and creating an automated script to replicate that process using newly acquired data. Automated processes can be scheduled to run at specified times, and modified to suit your objectives. Automation and optimization yields significant time savings, freeing you to focus on more value-added tasks.

A non-profit services organization needed to automate frequent audits of accounts payable records to identify improper payments.

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 Statistical Sampling

In some cases, analyzing and auditing 100% of the data population is impossible due to the manual research required to investigate all items of interest. This is where statistical audit sampling is effective in producing reasonably-sized samples to test for controls or monetary misstatement, and offer the ability to project the sample findings back to the overall populations. Our statistician can design sampling plans and provide guidance on the proper approach in case errors found in the generated samples. Samples are drawn and evaluated based on size and efficiency levels to meet the sampling objectives and deliver optimal time savings.

The Colorado Office of the State Auditor analyzes all annual state financial transactions to provide fairly stated annual financial statements, a process that involved millions of records and was taking the team hundreds of manual hours.

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 Custom IDEAScript Development

Ever wish you could perform a task once, and then replicate the same sequence of steps without redoing the work? That is precisely what IDEAScripts were developed to do. IDEAScripts can be customized to repeat just about any task or process. They work much like Microsoft® Excel macros, but with greater speed and flexibility.

Our Solutions Development experts can help you automate virtually any task to repeat analysis and testing on new data, or perform the same analytics across different systems and locations. Using Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology facilitated by IDEA, we can also perform calculations within text or spreadsheet applications.

Integration with Non-IDEA Applications

  • Visualization Software - Tableau™ and QlikView™
  • Visual Basic Development - Excel VBA and Access VBA
  • Microsoft® Applications - Excel and Access

A Global 500 supplier of technology and solutions to the oil and gas industry needed to process large amounts of data from multiple ERP systems to test controls for revenues and receivables.

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 Data Imports

When it comes to complex data imports, we have seen just about everything. From general ledgers stacked in boxes and rolled in on a dolly, to a confused assortment of file types, no challenge is too cumbersome for us to attempt.

Our experience includes working with IT departments to request data, and assist clients in defining and accessing data sources of all types. Our team can merge files from different formats and databases, cleanse and normalize the data, then bring it into IDEA for analysis. We work with large and complex data sets every day to help clients through the initial, and often complex, step in preparing data for analysis.

Top U.S. CPA firm providing audit, investigations and consulting services needed to perform cash flow analysis on 40 pages of brokerage statements. Needed the ability to get the statements imported into a data analysis tool.

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 Data Validation

Have you ever had to transfer data from a legacy system to a new one, compare data from one system to another or wondered if the data you are analyzing is the right data? We specialize in bringing in data from multiple or disparate systems, validating data between systems and identifying errors or discrepancies for correction. Our experience includes working with IT departments to ensure accuracy, completeness and usability. We also script solutions to replicate the data validation process for future work.

Federal agency tasked with processing detailed information on seized assets needs efficient method to record and maintain asset information in two systems, which are not integrated and are managed by separate agencies.

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 Frequent Duplicate Testing

If you need to test data from the same source for duplicates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, many of the same duplicate findings will recur every time the duplicates tests are run. Our experts can employ duplicate testing with an Archival Mechanism to filter out duplicate findings from previous test runs. Every time the duplicate tests are performed, the results are compared against an archive of previous findings to ensure that only new duplicates are reported. The archive is automatically updated based on the new duplicate findings.

A global energy corporation's duplicate research group received new data every month and compared it to the prior year of data to detect duplicate payments, which produced an overwhelming number of duplicates which had already been researched in prior months.

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 Expert Test Design

Unsure about which areas to analyze? Rely on our team of data analysis experts and CPAs to recommend tests based on your objectives and available data. We can work with you to design and perform tests to effectively identify errors and fraud. Together, we can develop an audit plan based on the tests, then use scripts to create a repeatable audit process for higher levels of efficiency.

University auditors were uncertain which tests to run to analyze for duplicates and potential matches to identify potential fraud. They wanted to automate analysis for low-risk areas to increase their efficiency.

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 Additional Capabilities

Solving complex challenges is our specialty. Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination. Our team of experts works to understand your challenges and objectives, finds creative solutions, tests and refines each solution for optimal performance, and automates the process for maximum efficiency. We have extensive experience working with clients in all industries to help them achieve their goals, no matter how complex or impossible. We offer no-obligation consultations to discuss your needs, and welcome your questions.

Following are just a few examples of work we’ve completed for clients:

Phone Number Analysis

An anti-corruption phone number script that identifies the possible locations of suspect phone numbers, and reaches into vendor identification and banking transactions to tax havens.

Test Set

Tests developed to maintain the analytics knowledge base within a 2-year audit rotation.

Expense Reporting

Analytics designed to search for exceptions across all expense platforms, T&E, P-Card, Ariba, AmEx Meeting Cards and other AmEx specialty vehicles. The analytics provide insight into spending patterns with remediation guidelines to include appropriate payment options for specific expenses. Indicators produced by the analytics help measure if controls are working as expected and provide insight about how the cards are used.

Automation of Accounts Payable Transactions

Custom IDEAScript designed to identify accounts payable transactions that were approved by only one person (out of compliance with corporate business rules). Results are provided in Excel workbooks by region.

Exception Reporting

Custom IDEAScript automates the import of doctor fee data, and analyzes data using doctor CPT coded fees to determine anomalies. Results are exported to individual Excel workbooks by doctor and code for further investigation.;

Fraud Testing

Analytics designed to test for shell companies, duplicated vendor records, duplicated invoices, and suspicious transactions. Determined which analytics would be most helpful, and developed custom scripts to facilitate regular testing.

Data Import & Verification

Import and identify email data by message ID, To, From, Date, CC and BCC. Checks control file for duplicates and imports all data. Results are exported into an Excel workbook for verification and return.

What can we help you achieve? Contact us to discuss your challenge, and we will work towards a solution.
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Secure & Confidential

Secure & Confidential Sheild | Solutions Development All projects are completed in a secure, neutral and timely manner. We use a secure network to transfer data files, and use certified transfer methods to ensure all data is protected during each exchange. We use the most advanced storage and data encryption available. We honor all non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, and use mock data if actual data cannot be used.

Results Driven

Testimonial Quotation Marks | Solutions Development

The Solutions Development team helped us streamline a process for one of our construction clients. With their help, we developed a script that reduced an extremely manual 20-25 hour process down to a 20 minute one that is practically automated. The support we received was phenomenal and we could not have done it without their help.

 Jaclyn Thomas, CPA
Hill, Barth & King LLC