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Danny Betancourt, CIDA

Solutions Specialist

Danny Betancourt, Solutions Specialist

Danny Betancourt graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development. His programming education centered mostly on C# but he has experience, both academic and personal, in C++, VB .Net, and Java. He used his educational background to make changes in various places to Audimation Service's website at the start of his career. Specifically within the Solutions Development team, he has focused on making data more presentable to our clients through our Caseware Monitor implementations as well as brought his knowledge of C# to help add products to IDEA's online Marketplace. The Marketplace endeavors entailed taking scripts developed in-house (known originally as Audimated Apps), such as Excel Exporter, and revamping them to integrate conveniently into IDEA’s Smart Analyzer platform. This in itself contains many aspects but one of the most apparent new features to the eye is the inclusion of the improved User Interfaces. Outside of the office, Danny enjoys programming for fun and has a passion for languages that is seen in the apps and programs he develops in his spare time. His second native language is Spanish and he uses his varied background to expand his worldview and casting a wider net onto the learning resources available.