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It’s an exciting time for data analytics users! Technology has evolved to be more powerful and intuitive, allowing professionals to analyze data in more meaningful ways. In fact, data analytics can be infused into just about every aspect of business to reduce risks, detect fraud and improve processes – well beyond audit.

This September, IDEA users from across North America will gather in Denver to share best practices and common challenges about how audit data analytics is evolving and changing the traditional audit.

Reasons to Attend IDEA Innovations

This year’s conference covers a wide range of topics designed to help you apply cutting-edge approaches to all aspects of business. Join us on a Journey to New Heights where you will:

  • Learn how both internal and external auditors are taking advantage of technology to be more efficient and effective

  • Discover new ways data analytics is helping transform business

  • Acquire the necessary skills for overcoming technology challenges

  • Seek new opportunities to expand your use of IDEA across the organization

  • Build a successful, sustainable data analytics program

  • Get acquainted with the new functionality IDEA offers including data visualization, machine learning and automation

  • Gain tips for measuring and communicating the success of your data analytics efforts to management and other key stakeholders

Earn up to 25 CPE