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Kurt B. Johnson, CIDA, CISE

Manager of Solutions Development

Kurt Johnson, Manager of Solutions Development Kurt Johnson is an experienced mathematical programmer with a background in econometrics, statistics applied to economics. He joined Audimation Services, Inc. in 2009 to develop customized IDEAScripts and provide customer support for complex statistical audit sampling and data download processes. As manager of Solutions Development, Kurt helps clients resolve challenges to streamline audits, simplify complex analysis and improve business processes. He also provides guidance on implementing CaseWare Monitor and IDEA Server, and brings new Audimated Apps to market to help clients save time and effort. Prior to joining Audimation Services, Kurt served as a senior economic analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank in both New York and Dallas. He researched predictive indicators of the recent housing market financial bubble and analyzed the Federal Reserve electronic wire network with regard to internal policy concerns and bank credit risk. He has also worked as a consultant for Mitchell Madison Group in New York. Kurt is a graduate of Brown University and earned a Master’s of Science in Statistics from Texas A&M University. He is proficient in multiple programming languages and has contributed to research published in the Economic Policy Review. Kurt is living proof that math and music are closely related. He is an accomplished musician with 20 years of experience playing lead guitar, singing and writing songs.