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User Groups are excellent ways for IDEA users to share their experiences with IDEA and learn from other users in their area. If there isn’t a User Group in your city, we invite you to take the first steps to starting a group in your area.

What's In It For Me?

  • Leverage an extensive IDEA knowledge pool
  • Gain recognition for your personal and professional brand
  • Discover new ways to perform tasks / increase efficiency
  • Develop insight and support relevant to your industry
  • Get help achieving your data analytics program goals

Common Topics of Interest

  • Implementing a Data Analytics Program
  • Acquiring and Importing data
  • Basic IDEA functionality - Sampling, Summarization, Joins, Detecting Duplicates
  • GL/JE, AR, AP, Travel & Expense testing
  • Testing to detect fraud, Risk Assessment
  • IDEA Automation, Macros, Scripting
  • Tips and Tricks, Success Stories

Sample Agenda

Welcome - Introductions - have each IDEA user discuss:

  • Success using IDEA
  • Challenges using IDEA
  • Integration
  • Examples of Tests Performed


Feedback & Discussions

Plan for the Next Meeting

  • Where and when will it be held?
  • What topics will be discussed?
  • Do you want to expand the group? Have other members bring a colleague from their organization or recruit other IDEA users from another company.
  • Create a LinkedIn account and have members of the group join - this is an excellent way to communicate and discuss topics.

Ready to get started? Contacting us is the first step! Fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.