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 What Are the Main Differences Between Training, Workshops, and Seminars?

Offered at all experience levels and provides hands-on, in-depth instruction to build skills.

One-day, hands-on course providing a high-level overview of IDEA’s various features and functions.

Offers in-depth, structured application of using IDEA for specific purposes such as fraud auditing.

 Need to train an entire team, or help a team improve consistency and skills using your organizations data to meet specific business objectives.
On-Site Training – Training without travel is a great way to maximize your training budget and get your entire team ready to use IDEA. Our on-site training content is tailored to your needs, and we can use your organization’s data files.
Course Level:
 Experienced IDEA user and/or have completed Level 1 and Level 2 courses – ready to learn IDEA’s programming language, IDEAScript, in order to automate IDEA processes.
CI103 IDEAScript for Analysis – Our three-day, hands-on course will help you learn how to use IDEAScripts to automate any task that can be programmed.
Course Level:
 Some experience using IDEA and ready for more specialized training.
Seminars – Provide in-depth instruction for applying IDEA for areas such as fraud auditing help take your skills to the next level. Seminars are taught by industry experts and are offered throughout the year in various locations.
Course Level:
 Attended CI101 IDEA Data Analysis Level 1 training, and/or have some experience using IDEA and ready to learn more complex data analysis techniques.
CI102 IDEA Data Analysis Level 2 – Learn more advanced data analysis techniques including writing complex equations or criteria, working with multiple databases, and an overview of automating tasks.
Course Level:
 Ready for in-depth, hands-on instruction to kick start the use of IDEA in everyday work.
CI101 IDEA Data Analysis Level 1 – Learn importing different types of files including PDF’s and how and where to apply IDEA’s features and functions through two days of hands-on instruction using case studies and sample data.
Course Level:
 Considering an analytics tool; Just getting started using IDEA with little or no prior experience, or Used IDEA in the past and need a refresher.

Recommendation: IDEA Fundamentals Workshops: Hands-on, entry-level instruction using IDEA to help attendees understand how and where to apply data analytics.

Course Level: Basic

 Which Training is Right for Me?
 Why Did the Name for Training Change Recently?

In an effort to standardize training for global IDEA users, CaseWare Analytics has collaborated with the Audimation Services instructors to develop consistent training materials and names for each course. This has also helped standardize the requirements to become IDEA Certified [Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA) and/or Certified IDEA Script Expert (CISE)].

 What Does CIDA Stand for, and How Do I Acquire this Certification?

In March 2014, CaseWare Analytics announced a professional development program to increase and recognize technical skills in data analysis. CaseWare Analytics has created two certifications as an acknowledgement of the growing industry demand for data analysis experts. There are two certifications available: Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA) and/or Certified IDEA Script Expert (CISE). For more information about the requirements, costs and preparation resources, visit our Certification page.

 What if I Register for Training and I Cannot Attend?

Please see our Cancellation Policy, and if you have any questions, please contact us at

 I Registered for a Training Course, But I Have Not Received a Confirmation Email.

Please check your Spam folder to be sure it as not misdirected. If you cannot find the confirmation, please contact us at so we can confirm your registration, payment and resend you a confirmation.

 Are Course Materials Included in the Registration Fee? Can I Get the Course Materials in Advance?

Course materials are provided for all public and on-site training, seminars and workshops. Materials are provided at the beginning of the class and are yours to use afterwards. All materials are copyright protected, so reproducing materials is prohibited. Please see our Terms & Conditions statement for details.

 How Do I Receive My CPE Certificate?

Audimation Services, Inc. is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). We issue a NASBA CPE certificate upon completion of each course.

 Can More than One Person Attend the Distance Learning Course?

Yes, however only one NASBA CPE certificate will be issued per individual registration.

 Why Don't the IDEA Virtual User Groups and Most IDEA User Groups Offer CPE?

Our IDEA Virtual User Group Webcasts and most of the in-person User Group meetings are held by fellow IDEA users. They are considered value-add learning events, rather than training opportunities and do not necessarily follow the guidelines set by NASBA to qualify for CPE credit. These free events are intended to help IDEA users share and exchange information to improve their use of IDEA. If you have questions about the IDEA User Groups, please contact

 What if I'm Interested in Attending a Distance Learning Course, But Cannot Make the Scheduled Time?

Our Distance Learning courses are group-live events, and recordings are not provided. If you see a course offered, but are unable to attend, please contact us at and let us know and we can arrange to offer the event on another day.

 How Can I Add Myself, or a Colleague to the Email List to Receive Information About Upcoming Training Opportunities?

Please complete our online form and we will gladly add you to our mailing list. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Training
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Hands down, IDEA is easier to use than other analytics tools. To fully maximize your use of IDEA and for faster implementation, we recommend new and experienced users take advantage of our many training opportunities. Our courses are offered throughout the U.S. and online for all levels of users (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Many will even earn NASBA CPE credit and help you work toward CaseWare Analytics IDEA Certification.

The best thing about our training - our first-class instructors. We've been working with IDEA for over 20 years - we know the product inside and out. Our instructors are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) and Certified IDEA Data Analysts (CIDA) with experience working in the trenches of accounting, audit and finance. Plus, they make learning fun…now that’s worth signing up for!