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Philip Billeaud, CIA, CISA, CRMA

Phillip Billeaud, Independent ConsultantPhilip Billeaud brings more than 25 years of experience to his role as an internal audit professional. His experience includes contract recovery, event monitoring, investigations, Sarbanes-Oxley, compliance assistance and management requests. Prior to joining Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Philip served as a Sr. Manager in LyondellBasell’s Internal Audit Group where he managed the Data Analytics team. He worked in internal audit and procurement analyst roles for ChevronPhillips Chemical Company, and as an audit consultant for oil field service clients.

Taking a Bite-Size Approach to Audits Using Dashboards



Lenny Block, CPA, CIA, CIDA

Lenny Block, NASDAQLenny brings more than 35 years to his role his Vice President of Internal Audit at Nasdaq. He performs and manages all phases of internal audits to help ensure regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness and financial reporting integrity for Nasdaq-owned entities. He is also responsible for Nasdaq’s Internal Audit’s Data Analytics and Continuous Monitoring program. Prior to joining Nasdaq, he held various senior level positions with technology consulting organizations providing program leadership, system analysis and business process expertise within multiple industries including non-profit, mortgage backed securities and telecommunications. He is a sough-after speaker for The IIA, ACFE and IDEA events.

Audit Analytics as the Agent of Change


Diarra Boye, CIA

Diarra Boye, UTHealthDiarra is a Senior Auditor with UTHealth, a state healthcare institution in Houston, Texas. Prior to joining internal audit, she worked as a Procurement Senior Support Specialist in the Department of Pediatrics. She leads the data analytics team, which is a cross-functional initiative consisting of both financial and IT auditors. The data analytics team utilizes IDEA to identify duplicate payments, anomalies, and other trends to drive continuous improvement and provide management with increased visibility into its operations. She is a native French speaker, originally from Senegal where she obtained her BBA and held a variety of accounting positions in the financial services and government sector. She recently earned the Certified Internal Auditor designation from the IIA.

From Auditor to Advisor



Russ Chidester, MBA

Russ Chidester, TxDOTAs an Internal Auditor with the Texas Department of Transportation, Russ uses IDEA to analyze large, complex data to deliver results that get noticed at the top levels of the organization. During his career, Russ has led various teams within the intermodal logistics industry and managed a small manufacturer’s supply chain. He served seven years in the U.S. Army, earned a degree in Chinese Mandarin and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Baptism by Fire - New Auditor on Data Overload



Jeremy Clopton

Jeremy Clopton, What's Your SQ?Jeremy Clopton, Director at Upstream Academy, gained his real world experience from his work with one of the top accounting and consulting firms in the country, where he led a firm-wide specialty practice. During his 12 years there, Jeremy gained extensive experience in data analytics, fraud prevention, and business intelligence, but his real passion was going beyond providing the services clients asked for – to help them determine what they needed for future success. Before he was recruited by Upstream, Jeremy launched his own consulting company focused on developing more successful cultures by asking better (more strategic) questions. He created the SQ Method, a framework designed to help firms overcome challenges and more successfully adopt new technology, analyze and utilize data, encourage innovation, and drive employee engagement. A dynamic and insightful presenter, Jeremy speaks both in the US and abroad at industry events, as a faculty member for the ACFE and as an instructor at the Management Development Institute at Missouri State University. His dedication to not just meeting, but exceeding, client expectations makes him a favorite for participants. Jeremy believes in the potential of data and technology to transform firm practice management, leadership, and firm culture. He is also passionate about employee engagement and the value brought by each generation in the workforce. An avid reader, Jeremy’s leadership style has been influenced by the works of Patrick Lencioni, Daniel Pink and Scott Berkun. Beyond books, he is a fan of TED curated content and cites Shonda Rhimes’ TED2016 talk My year of saying yes to everything as one of most influential talks of his career. Outside of work, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, running, golf, and helping his wife run a non-profit organization. Jeremy and his wife, Katie, have three precocious daughters and a lazy golden retriever.

What's Your SQ? Finding Your Strategic Question | Leveraging IDEA to Effectively Communicate Results and Drive Action



Jill Davies

Audimation Services VP of Professional Services, Jill Davies Jill Davies brings more than 35 years of experience as an auditor and manager to her role as Vice President & Director of Operations at Audimation Services. Jill manages the technical knowledge and resources of the company including the IDEA Help Desk, training department, internal computer/network operations, and the Solutions Development group. Jill and her team create and support the suite of Audimated Apps, and she has developed several IDEAScript programs for industry publications. Prior to joining Audimation, Jill worked in the banking industry where she held various positions including bank examiner, auditor, credit analyst, loan officer, operations manager and chief operating officer (COO). She is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and earned an MBA from the University of Houston. She is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).

Disrupting The Audit: Intelligent Automation



Steven Duc Tran, CPA

Steven Duc Tran, Briggs & VeselkaSteven Duc Tran recently joined Halliburton as a Senior Internal Auditor. Before this position, he was a Staff Consultant in Forensic and Litigation Support division with Briggs & Veselka, Co. Steven began his career working in traditional public accounting roles before transitioning to data analytics. His experience includes combining data, identifying trends and anomalies, and automating tasks for complex entities. IDEA and Python have become a cornerstone in building a data analytics framework for the firm.

Harness the Power of Python



Anke Eckardt, MBA, CIA, CISA

Anke Eckardt, HeidelbergCement AGAnke oversees the Group Internal Audit team in North America for HeidelbergCement AG. In this role, she applies a risk-based audit approach, focusing on operational audits to improve controls as well as productivity and efficiency. Prior to joining HeidelbergCement, Eckardt worked at Orange Business Services and its predecessors Equant and Global One in a variety of positions, including Head of Transactional Financial Systems, Head of the Shared Service Center Europe and Director Finance Germany. Anke has presented at several IDEA User Conferences and other events.

Brace for Impact – The GDPR is Coming!



Brian Element, CPA-CA, CFE, CIDA, CISE, CISA

Brian Element, Public Services & Procurement CanadaBrian is a Financial Advisor with Public Services and Procurement Canada. He has been using IDEA within the Canadian federal government for more than 28 years. He has used IDEA extensively in external audits, internal audits, special exams and internal control testing. For the past 18 years, Brian has been a CaseWare IDEA trainer and was instrumental in developing resources for IDEA users including the IDEA Support Site Brian has also presented at past IDEA User Conferences to share his experience with fellow IDEA users.

Gaining Efficiencies in Payments & Payroll | The Untapped Potential of IDEAScript Dialogs



Jennifer Ellison, CFE

Jennifer Ellison, Audimation ServicesJennifer Ellison has nearly two decades of experience in IT audit, forensic audit, and ethics and compliance for Fortune 200 energy services companies across 20 countries. In 2018, Jennifer joined Audimation Services as an Audit Analytics Consultant to help clients implement and apply CaseWare IDEA® to extend their auditing and fraud detection capabilities. As an IDEA Power User since 2001 — primarily using IDEA in fraud investigation and anti-corruption audits — Jennifer takes her online and on-site training and consulting to the next level by sharing specific, real world examples of IDEA applications and providing knowledge and support for Professional Services. Also an experienced SAP user, she helps clients download and analyze SAP information. Jennifer is a graduate of Ambassador University and is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) as well as a Certified Information Systems Audit (CISA) – non-practicing.

Ready, Set, Script | Visualization | Building Complex Equations | Disrupting The Audit: Intelligent Automation



Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans is a Senior Auditor for the Mohegan Tribe. Lisa has been with Corporate Governance team for 5 years. She is a member of the Corporate Governance Data Analytics team. 

Using Unconventional Data to Uncover Fraud & Errors



Richard Fowler, CIDA, CIA, CISA, CFE, CRMA, CICA

Rick Fowler, Huntington IngallasRick is an internal auditor with Huntington Ingalls Industries. He has used data analytics throughout his professional career including banking, state governement, retail, as well as manufacturing and shipbuilding. He leads the team at HII to identify an appropriate data analytics tool and develop a framework to incorporate this tool into a standard audit process. Rick assists audit team members in using IDEA and coaching them to think about data in innovative ways for more interesting and value-added audit results. He is also a volunteer with ASUG, ISACA, ASQ and the IIA.

Combining Data & Culture – It Can be Done!



Kathy Frantz

Kathy Frantz, City of CasperKathy began her career with the City of Casper in Wyoming in Finance where she implemented a p-card program. In her current role as a Human Resources Technician, Kathy uses IDEA for benefit reconciliation, payroll accuracy improvements and fraud prevention. She has a proven track record of using data analytics to test data stored within complex systems to prevent errors and overpayments while improving the accuracy of human resource processes.

HR Data - The End of an Error



Rohit Kundu

Kathy Frantz, City of CasperRohit Kundu has an extensive background in data analysis and continuous monitoring technologies. In his current role, Rohit managers accounts in North America and supports channel strategies in key regions across the globe. Rohit has helped organizations implement data analytics technologies and build out strategies. He has experience training audit professionals within Governments and Global 500 companies, including NASDAQ, Gildan, Equifax, Air Canada and National Geographic. Rohit is a regular speaker at audit related conferences in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Leveraging Data Between Working Papers an IDEA in Your External Audit Engagements



Kathryn Horton, CIDA, CPA, CMA

Kathryn Horton, Daszkal BoltonKathryn is an Audit Manager at Marcum LLP and recipient of the 2017 U.S. IDEA User of Excellence Award. Kathryn plays an active role in implementing data analytics within all of her audit and review engagements, as well as high risk audits. She has used IDEA in resourceful ways to perform analysis on general ledgers, calculate depreciation expenses for fixed assets, reduce sample sizes for cumbersome audit areas, Employee Benefit Plan audits and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) projects.

New & Exciting Ways to Test General Ledger Data



Trevor Hughes, CPA

As Senior Auditor for Data Analytics with Virginia Tech, Trevor specializes in analyzing data related to established audit procedures and discovering new ways to use analytics to guide continuous monitoring and risk assessment efforts. Trevor previously worked at Virginia’s Auditor of Public Accountants as a Senior Auditor and Information Security Specialist. He has spent more than 15 years in corporate and non-profit management, accounting operations, information systems development and management, and consulting.

Start with the End in Mind



Ben Johnson, CIA

Ben Johnson, Utah State UniversityBen has served as the Data Analytics Auditor at Utah State University since 2013 where he develops tests and reports from data from the University’s ERP system, Banner. His current role includes helping fellow auditors find the right data to support audits and develop automated processes. He has performed testing in both financial and non-financial areas of the institution, which built connections for internal audit with other departments on campus. Using IDEAScripts, Ben has automated monthly and quarterly testing to achieve higher levels of efficiency.

Getting More from ERP Data



W. Scott Jones, CIA, CRMA, PE

Scott Jones, Key Performance Initiatives Inc.Scott is the President and CEO of Key Performance Initiatives Inc. With more than 40 years of experience in leadership, Scott’s skills include internal audit, data analytics, risk management, process improvement, statistical methods, quality management, and the Baldrige criteria. Scott has brought operational and engineering expertise to past roles such as Senior Director of Internal Audit and Director of Quality Management. Scott implemented IDEA and established the data analytics practice at Elbit Systems of America where he served as Director of Quality Management. He frequently presents at conferences hosted by The IIA, American Society for Quality Audit and others.

Using Data Fusion for Airline Performance Measurement



Sabri Keskin, CIA, CISA, CFE, CCSA

Sabri Keskin, American WaterAs Senior Manager of Internal Audit, Sabri uses IDEA in internal audit engagements and beyond to achieve efficiencies with accounting, payroll, accounts payable, tax, call center, subsidiary operations and compliance. The successful completion of numerous projects has transformed internal audit into a sought-after resource and consult in efficiency opportunities. For the past decade, Sabri has provided internal data analytics training programs to share his expertise with others. Sabri’s experience includes accounting and auditing in water utility, equipment rental, publishing and retail companies.

Driving Efficiency from the Inside Out



Teresa Kilpatrick, CPA, CIDA

Teresa Kilpatrick, Audimation ServicesTeresa Kilpatrick is an independent consultant providing data analysis and management services. She has more than 22 years of experience in the manufacturing and utility sectors as a cost accountant, controller and accounting manager. Teresa joined Audimation Services in 1999 as a consultant to teach public and on-site training courses, and provides consulting services to IDEA clients throughout the U.S. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and a member of several professional organizations including the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Dallas Chapter. She is also an IDEA User of Excellence Award recipient. Teresa shares her talents by volunteering as a financial advisor and sound technician with her church, and participates in annual mission trips.

IDEA Basics for Beginners | Navigating the Supreme Court Ruling for Sales Tax | Building Complex Equations 



Jim Lambert, CPA

Jim Lambert, Bowling Green State UniversityJim began his career in public accounting, working for Ernst & Young for eight years and working an additional five years at a local public accounting firm before arriving at Bowling Green State University as the Director of Internal Audit and Advisory Services. Jim was instrumental in developing the University’s data analytics program to help the department improve its effectiveness by analyzing large amounts of data on a more regular basis. Under his direction, the program has evolved and grown, helping the audit department achieve higher levels of efficiency and changing how information is processed.

Overcoming Resource Challenges with Continuous Monitoring



Frederick Lyons, CISA

Fred Lyons, D'Arcangelo Co LLPAs Senior Computer Audit Specialist at the Rye Brook, NY office of D'Arcangelo & Co., LLP, Fred is primarily responsible for providing effective computer audit services to staff and clients. The firm specailizes in data acquisition, computer audit support and training. During his 20 years with the firm, Fred has embraced the use of IDEA and increased his proficiency in using data analytics. He shares his knowledge by presenting at IDEA User Conferences and regional user group meetings.

Full Disclosure – Using IDEA for Subsequent Event Testing in QuickBooks



Mark Mayberry, CPA, CITP, CISA, CIDA

Mark Mayberry, BDOMark is the Director, Assurance Office of Tomorrow with BDO. He has used data analytics for more than 30 years, 25 of which he has used IDEA. He leads the global data analytics program and serves as the techncial lead for BDO both domestically and internationally. He is a recognized speaker at various national and international conferences on the topic of data analytics and the impact on the profession. Mark is currently a member of the AICPA Assurance Services Executive Committee (ASEC) Emerging Assurance Technologies Task Force and the IAASB Data Analytics Project Advisory Panel. He is also the recipient of the IDEA User of Excellence award.

5-Stage Approach to Using Data Analytics



John T McEwen, 

John has served as an Internal Auditor for the Bowling Green State University. He has significantly broadened the scope of use of IDEA and continues to find new ways in which IDEA can be used in tests, audits, and reviews.


Overcoming Resource Challenges with Continuous Monitoring




JoRay McCoy, Office of Management Enterprise ServicesJoRay has used data analytics for more than 20 years and developed the McCoy’s Diamond Edge Auditing system to reduce fraud by 99.999%. As Director of Office Management Enterprise Services Audit and Internal Investigations, JoRay has built a successful audit and internal investigation divisions, created the state government’s first paperless auditing system and implemented an anonymous, web-based Suspected Fraud and Abuse Reporting Application (SFARA). He recently developed a streamlined adminstrative investigation process and converted 100% of staff to teleworking. He provides data analysis training courses at the state and local level, and presented at past IDEA User Conferences.

All the Data. All the Insights.



Martin Monfette, CPA, CMA

Martin Monfette, Public Services & Procurement CanadaAs Manager of a newly created Data Analytics team within PSPC, Martin is responsible for implementing data analytics within the Finance Branch to provide greater insights and achive higher levels of efficiency. His team is using IDEA and other tools to extract and analyze large data sets, increase the frequency of analysis and automate repetitive monitoring reports. Martin has more than ten years of experience in monitoring, which has strengthened his use of data analytics.

Gaining Efficiencies in Payments & Payroll




Rita Nash

Rita Nash, Experis FinanceRita has more than 25 years of experience in auditing and accounting and finance operations, primarily in the financial institution industry. She works with clients on model risk management from development to validation. Rita performs annual independent interest rate risk models and liquidity process reviews. Rita provides analytical support for BSA/AML model validations and is familiar with the major interest rate risk model vendors. She assists clients in implementing pricing and product strategies to reduce interest rate risks and increase profitability.

Mission Possible – Working with BSA/AML Models



Joe Oringel, CPA, CIA

Joe Oringel, Visual Risk IQJoe brings more than 25 years of experience to his role as Managing Director at Visual Risk IQ, a data analytics and visualization company. His experience includes internal auditing, fraud detection and forensics. Prior to founding Visual Risk IQ, Joe spent a decade working in Big 4 external audit, internal audit and risk advisory roles. Visual Risk IQ is an IDEA Integration Partner and implementations specialist of CaseWare Montior and other tools. The firm has completed more than 100 successful analytics engagements, and has helped instill a data-driven culture at clients across many industries.

Elevating Internal Audit’s Stature



Mario Perez, CIDA

Mario Perez, Audimation ServicesMario has over 12 years experience as an IDEA user, trainer, and provider of technical support and consulting services. Starting with his introduction to IDEA as an audit associate at BDO New York in the mid-90s, he credits his enthusiasm for Data Analytics and knowledge of IDEA with traveling the world, working with the IDEA distributor in Scandinavia as well as training and consulting engagements in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and The Bahamas.

Audit Data Prep: From Raw to Real | Visualization



Chris Peters, MBA, CFE, CIDA, MAFF

Chris Peters, GPS ConsultantsChris is the CFO of Himmel’s Architectural Door and Hardware, one of the largest commercial door distributors in the country. He is the founder of GPS Consultants, LLC, a boutique financial forensics firm focused on assisting clients with improving operations and solving organizational problems through forensic accounting, litigation support and data analysis. Chris helps clients enhance management activities by converting tedious practices into more efficient and effective processes to increase profitability. He also assists clients with dispute related matters and has testified as an expert witness in the field of forensic accounting in a FINRA Arbitration Hearing and in cases in criminal and civil court in Louisiana.

Ready, Set, Script | Catch me if you can: Using IDEA for proximity Analysis



Kimberly Peters, CPA, CFF

Kimberly Peters, GPS ConsultantsKimberly is a partner at GPS Consultants, a boutique financial forensics firm focused on assisting clients with improving operations and solving organizational problems through forensic accounting, litigation support and data analysis. She specializes in forensic investigations and litigation support. She is a CPA and CFF (Certified in Financial Forensics). She serves as Practitioner Assistant for Dr. Larry Crumbley in LSU’s Accounting Department. Prior to joining GPS, Peters worked in public accounting for 6 years. Peters is a graduate of LSU with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Accounting.

Catch me if you can: Using IDEA for proximity Analysis



Mark Ponter, CIA, CISA, CFE

Mark Ponter, LyondellBasellMark is a Senior Lead Auditor in LyondellBasell’s Internal Audit - Data Analytics Group. Mark leads the scripting and automation initiative of the department by designing and coding analytic tests to enhance the operational, IT and SOX audit teams. In his tenure he has led audits and fraud investigations with roles in public accounting, insurance, and the oil and gas industries.

Taking a Bite-Size Approach to Audits Using Dashboards



Christopher Reed, CISA, CISE

Chris Reed, Westlake ChemicalSince joining Westlake Chemical in 2017 as a Senior IT Auditor, Chris has used IDEA to detect more than $400,000 in duplicate payments. He has developed several automated scripts for the business to perform continuous monitoring, such as duplicate payments for AP and FCPA transactions for the Compliance group. Prior to joining Westlake Chemical, Chris worked as an IT Auditor and Data Analyst at CB&I and as an IT Auditor at PwC. During his career, he has developed audimated audit planning and testing programs using IDEAScripts to help auditors extract population and anlaytical files during audit planning through the push of a button.

Eliminating Duplicates



Tamsir Samb, CAMS, CISA

Tamsir Samb, State BankTamsir brings more than 15 years of experience as a financial professional working with multinational organizations and U.S. financial institutions to his role as Senior Vice President and Audit Supervisor with State Bank & Trust. He performs and executes IT-related components of the annual internal audit plan including financial, operational, compliance and investigative audits. His experience includes working in regulatory Compliance, Audit and Structured Finance as well as business consulting and nonprofit work.

Audit Shop of the Future: Analytics & Visualization



Talmadge Seaman, MBA, MPA, MA, PMP, CISA, CICA, CGFM

Talmadge Seaman, Navigator SolutionsTal has 35 years of program, financial, budget, accounting, IT and audit management experience working with federal, private and non-profit entities. He has used IDEA for the past decade on a variety of projects including travel and purchasing cards, financial reporting and cash reconcilations, IT processing control testwork, among others. In addition to operating Navigator Solutions, a federal financial management consulting firm, Tal serves on three non-profit boards.

Create-Your-Own Applications & Systems Testing



Jay Shah, CIA

Jay Shah, Panduit CorpJay is an Analyst with the Internal Audit Services group at Panduit Corp. He has more than two years of experience in internal audit and risk management in the manufacturing industry. Jay co-leads the IDEA analytical initiative at Panduit to increase the utilization of IDEA. He is involved in the IIA Chicago Chapter’s NextGen Committee to encourage young professionals about the benefits of using innovative techniques to increase their efficiency.

Work Smarter, Not Harder



Sharae Smith, CIDA

Sharae Smith, EnvisionRX OptionsAs Senior Manager of Internal Audit, Sharae oversees the audit analytics program, which encompasses the development of targeted desktop audits and periodic monitoring reports for management. She leverages her practical knowledge of the business applications, regulations guiding the healthcare industry, and internal policies to become a driving force behind the use of analytics in nonconventional ways. She also performs demonstrations of IDEA to other business units, which has resulted in the use of IDEA by non-audit personnel.

Not Technical? Not a Problem!



Eddie Tang

Stacie Tronto, East Carolina UniversityEddie Tang is a seasoned professional with extensive operational and financial audit experience with several fortune 500 companies including BP, Ingram Micro, Verizon, and Edwards Lifesciences. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma black belt with expertise in process design, process standardization and optimization. He has led many transformational projects in the areas of finance operations. Most recently, he led a global procurement transformational effort in Edwards Lifesciences and implemented a Source to Pay (S2P) solution in 45+ countries.
Eddie started his career with Arthur Andersen LLP and is a licensed CPA in the State of California.

Source to Pay Implementations Done Right



Leslie Townsend

Stacie Tronto, East Carolina UniversityLeslie Townsend is an accomplished, seasoned audit executive, and trusted partner with over 30 years' experience establishing solid, well-run, internal audit and accounting departments. She travels extensively so she can put her "boots on the ground" and get down to really understanding the business, contributing insight and analysis, globally.
Leslie is a graduate of Chapman University, Go Panthers! She is also a Certified Public Accountant in California, a member of the AICPA and IIA, as well as, licensed as a Certified Fraud Examiner and has a Certificate in Global Management Accounting and a Certificate in Risk Management Accounting. She received an IDEA User of Excellence award in 2010.

Source to Pay Implementations Done Right




Stacie Tronto, CIA, CISA, CFE

Stacie Tronto, East Carolina UniversityStacie is the Chief Audit Officer and the Executive Director of the Office of Internal Audit and Management Advisory Services for East Carolina University. She collaborates with the University's senior management and the ECU Board of Trustees to ensure that the office is meeting the University's needs. Stacie brings nearly 30 years of accounting and auditing experience in the higher education industry to her current role where she is responsible for developing the annual audit plan and oversees audit and consulting engagements.

Elevating Internal Audit’s Stature



Carol Ursell, CPA, CIDA

Carol Ursell, Audimation ServicesCarol Ursell is widely recognized as an exceptional instructor, helping hundreds of professionals build their skills and confidence using data analytics. She joined Audimation Services in 1998 to establish the training department and shares her extensive knowledge of computer systems and data analysis techniques. As Director of Training, Carol develops and updates course curriculum, works with clients to customize content for on-site training, and develops seminars and distance learning courses covering timely topics. Prior to joining Audimation Services, Carol was an accounting manager and audit coordinator for Cabot Oil & Gas and also worked in the audit department of Arthur Andersen. She is a graduate of Texas State University and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Texas Society of CPAs.

The Fraud Scenario Methodology | IDEA Basics for Beginners | CIDA Prep Part 1 | CIDA Prep Part 2 |

Navigating the Supreme Court Ruling for Sales Tax 



Leonard W. Vona, CPA, CFE

Leonard has more than 30 years of diversified auditing and forensic accounting experience, including a distinguished 18-year private industry career. As the CEO of Fraud Auditing, Inc., Leonard advises clients in areas of litigation support, financial investigations, fraud prevention and income taxes. He has successfully conducted more than 100 financial investigations for some of the largest high-profile corporations in the U.S. The net result of his efforts has saved clients millions of dollars through recovery or defense strategies. He is also the author of Wiley Publishing's Fraud Risk Assessment: Building a Fraud Audit Program and The Fraud Audit: Responding to the Risk of Fraud in Core Business Systems.

Fraud Data Analytics: The Fraud Scenario Methodology



Samantha Webster, CPA, CFE

Samantha Webster, The Mohegan TribeSamantha leads the data analytics team as the Corporate Governance Manager for The Mohegan Tribe. She has more than 12 years of experience in auditing, forensics and tax, including six years in public accounting. She has presented at the 2016 IIA Gaming & Hospitality Conference.

Using Unconventional Data to Uncover Fraud & Errors



Craig Zablocki

Craig ZablockiCraig Zablocki has spoken to over 900,000 people internationally and in all 50 states. From cops to gang members, from surgeons to school superintendents, from lawyers to Realtors; he has addressed sales executives, child-abuse-prevention specialists, farmers, New York executives, hospice workers, college professors, federal prison workers, mental health specialists and the armed forces. Thousands of organizations rely on Craig. He travels from Denver, Colorado and looks forward to bringing his humor to your organization.

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