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Audimation Services Compiles Set of Analytics for Accounts Payable

Secure Payables Solution Developed

For years, Audimation’s Solutions Development Team had been performing ad hoc implementation of Accounts Payable-related analytics for various clients. After doing the analysis in IDEA for several different projects, the team realized a central set of common analytics was emerging, so they compiled a list.

A beverage retailer was interested in invoice splitting. A university wanted analytics for AP-to-PCard and Vendor-to-Employee matching. A hospital needed to analyze mileage proximity. A newspaper distributor needed to keep tabs on its segregation of duties. A beauty supplier was interested in vendor completeness and address validation. Everyone wanted to be alerted about possible duplicate invoices.

Audimation’s Sales Team was asked to get feedback from additional clients who also voiced significant interest in this particular set of tests. New suggestions were provided by these clients and other interested users. Those new analytics were added to the list. This list of analytics was used by the developers to craft a complete set of scripts which are used by CaseWare Monitor to provide a continuous monitoring solution.

Audimation’s Solutions Development Team has now released the Secure Payables solution, a comprehensive set of Accounts Payable tests aimed at identifying issues and displaying the results with easy to use dashboards. Categories used by Secured Payables are At-Risk Vendors, Duplicate Invoices, Matching, Vendor Invoice Anomalies, and Suspicious Transactions. All are conveniently bundled into a complete solution for continuous monitoring with CaseWare Monitor.

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