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Construction Materials Company Converts ASCII to Unicode Using IDEAScript

IDEA Server Helps Global Locations Share Information in a Unified Format



One of the largest construction materials companies in North America with more than 500 active operations in the U.S. and Canada, and 52,000 employees across 40 countries. The company implemented CaseWare IDEA® Server to distribute task processing of IDEA functions across three global locations.


Corporate management required all data storage be in Unicode format, however IDEA Server was currently in ASCII format. When IDEA Server was installed, data was stored in a central location, which created latency problems when transmitting data to other global locations. 


The Company’s audit team worked with the Audimation Services Solutions Development team to develop conversion scripts to convert ASCII databases and scripts into Unicode, and move from a unified server installation to a distributed installation.


By working with Audimation Services, the company was able to achieve management’s goal of converting data to a Unicode format, and enabling the sharing of data to increase global collaboration.


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