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High volumes of data can increase the likelihood of ‘dirty’ or poor quality data which can negatively impact your business. Incomplete and inconsistent data such as having incorrect customer, product and financial data can lead to problems such as duplicate marketing mail-outs, unpaid invoices, misidentified customers, and duplicate payments. This can potentially lead to lost revenue, stalled operations and compromised credibility.

Cross-Matching Data from Multiple Sources

  • Cross-match data from multiple sources that share common entities (customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Identify, link or merge related entries
  • Consolidate data to correctly identify one customer who is entered into the database multiple times
  • Group similar data from multiple sources about a person, family, household or company

Data Accuracy

  • Split full names into component parts
  • Standardize name prefixes, including honorifics, professional titles and salutations
  • Assign gender to names through probabilistic gender assignment
  • Add custom name files for cultural name differences and known aliases
  • Find postal codes and zip codes for the U.S Canada and more than 240 other countries automatically
  • Identify name and address parts in non-standard addresses

Data Cleansing

  • Standardize data entered inconsistently, improperly fielded or with no structure
  • Create unique records to avoid errors
  • Purge duplicate records

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