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Master Class - August 14 2019


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Catch Me If You Can:
Using IDEA for Proximity Analysis

Chris Peters, MBA, CFE, CIDA, MAFF, Founder & Partner - GPS Consultants
Kimberly Peters, CPA, CFF, Partner - GPS Consultants

Session Description

Regardless of how ethical an organization is, the potential for fraud and error is always present. Something as simple as an address can lead you to potential fraud, errors or other items that require further investigation. The challenge in working with addresses is how much they can vary. Matching large batches of data from different sources requires the use of data analysis techniques and applications to apply proximity reasonableness. This session provides examples coving a wide range of industries to demonstrate how IDEA can be used to detect errors, waste, abuse and other opportunities.

Learning Objectives

  • How to prepare data from different sources to perform proximity analysis
  • Effective analytics tests to use in searching for matches or fuzzy matches
  • Techniques for automating the testing and reporting process

Speaker Bio

Chris is the founder and partner of GPS Consultants, LLC, a management consulting and forensic accounting firm focused on assisting clients with improving operations and solving organizational problems through forensic accounting, litigation support and data analysis. Chris helps clients enhance management activities by converting tedious practices into more efficient and effective processes to increase profitability. He also assists clients with dispute related matters and has testified as an expert witness in the field of forensic accounting in a FINRA Arbitration Hearing and in cases in criminal and civil court in Louisiana

Kimberly is a partner at GPS Consultants, a boutique financial forensics firm focused on data analytics and management consulting. She currently serves as Practitioner Assistant for Dr. Larry Crumbley in Louisiana State University’s (LSU) Accounting Department. Prior to joining GPS, Kim worked in public accounting for six years where she worked on several governmental audits. She is a graduate of LSU with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Accounting.


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