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Master Class - August 20 2019


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Make Your Audits Data-Driven Part 4:
Inventory Analysis

Al Anderson, CPA, President - ACCOUNTability Plus, LLC

Session Description

Purpose-built data analytic tools are highly effective in analyzing high volumes of data, such as inventory. A data-driven approach to inventory audits can help you implement more efficient processes and identify trends or patterns for cost-saving opportunities.

This session will discuss specific steps you can take right now to transform your inventory audit approach to a data-driven one using CaseWare IDEA.

Learning Objectives

  • Perform data-driven pricing analysis
  • Apply data analytic techniques for excess quantities and obsolesce
  • Compare market prices to inventory costs
  • Perform margin analysis by inventory product lines

Speaker Bio

Al is the President of ACCOUNTability Plus, LLC, a global leader in accounting and assurance advancement. He is the Founder of A&A Leaders Leagues, a collaboration of leaders redefining A&A for the future. He is a frequent speaker and educator who works directly with auditors and firms to transform their A&A services. Over his career spanning more than three decades, Al worked from staff auditor to Senior Vice President at the AICPA before creating ACCOUNTability Plus, LLC. He continues to participate in “Auditing in the Future” initiatives and is committed to his vision of redefining A&A.


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