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Introducing CaseWare Analytics

New Brand Includes Data Analytics and Continuous Monitoring Solutions

Ottawa – February 19, 2014 – CaseWare IDEA has a new look, and some exciting new resources for IDEA® Data Analysis users throughout the world.

The company recently unveiled its rebrand as CaseWare Analytics, a part of the CaseWare International family. The brand includes offerings such as IDEA Data Analysis, Collaborative Analytics and Continuous Controls Monitoring solutions.

Audimation Services continues its longstanding partnership with CaseWare to support the fast-growing North America customer base, and further expand market share for CaseWare Analytics products.

We are ramping up our offerings for sales, support, training and value-add resources to CaseWare Analytics customers in the U.S. By focusing more regionally, while CaseWare focuses more internationally, we can ensure a better and faster way to engage, inform and grow the marketplace.

Audimation Services will maintain its partnership by providing sales, support, training and value-add resources to CaseWare Analytics customers in the U.S.

The CaseWare Analytics brand will be rolled out at events, conferences, communications and other points of interaction during 2014.

CaseWare Analytics Partners with AuditNet® to Provide Premium Content to IDEA Users
In an effort to provide supported IDEA Data Analysis users with the best resources available, CaseWare Analytics has partnered with AuditNet to offer premium content. IDEA users can now access AuditNet tutorials, audit templates, standard policies and procedures, control assessments, user forums and many more resources you can find listed at AuditNet.

Supported IDEA users may access the AuditNet premium content by visiting the CaseWare Resources & Support Site.

Audimation Services welcomes your questions and input about these changes. Contact us at [email protected].

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