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One principal across all businesses is Payroll. It is often the subject of error, fraud and theft, due to changing variables such as complex tax regulations, time tracking, attendance, incentive based pay and changes in contractual salary agreements. Additionally, high volume and frequency of transactions make Payroll an intricate process to assess.

Suspicious Activities

  • Active employees not paid
  • Payments after contract ends
  • Ghost employees
  • Irregular payments
  • Changes in Basic Pay

Overtime Exceptions

  • Overtime abuse
  • Overtime rate exceptions
  • Master Data Amendments
  • Changes in bank account numbers
  • Employees added or removed
  • Payroll codes added
  • Changes in taxation methods
  • Reactivation of payroll codes

Master Data Exceptions

  • Duplicate bank account details
  • Missing bank account details
  • Duplicate payments
  • Duplicate Tax ID
  • Tax ID Errors

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