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The purchase to payment process (P2P) remains one of the most complex business processes, often spanning multiple systems and operations. Despite the level of automation, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations, P2P remains an area prone to fraud, money leakage and inefficiencies. ERP systems are by nature, platforms for continuous business improvements. However, as ERP systems evolve to accommodate changes in business processes and polices, the internal control environment may become compromised and deteriorate as a result of the very changes introduced to initially help the business.

Inventory Analysis

  • Dead stock analysis
  • Top/Bottom purchased items
  • Highest/Lowest turnover
  • Excessive inventory level changes
  • Price Change impact


  • Invoice made before Purchase Order
  • Invoice does not match Purchase Order
  • Invoice limits exceeded
  • Invoice numbers sequence anomalies
  • Invoices to prohibited Vendors
  • Invoicing SoD conflicts


  • Payments do not match Invoice
  • Duplicate payments across payment systems (ERP, E-payables, P-cards)
  • Split Payments
  • Rapid Payments
  • Gaps in Check numbers
  • Payment SoD conflicts


  • Purchase Orders limits exceeded
  • Split Purchase Orders
  • Old Purchase Orders
  • Duplicate Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Orders do not match Requisitions
  • Purchase Order SoD conflicts


  • Receiving vs. Purchased
  • Receiving SoD conflicts

Vendor Management

  • Potential Duplicated Vendors
  • Vendors with invalid or missing information
  • Vendor-Employee and other related parties matching
  • Vendors removed/added
  • Vendors on PEP, OFAC lists

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