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Data is valuable. Audimation Services was founded to help fellow accountants, auditors and financial professionals learn to use technology to gain more value and deeper insights from their data. Through our long-standing partnership with CaseWare, our goal is to help organizations leverage technology to improve efficiency, increase collaboration, strengthen controls and improve business processes.

We help you get the most from technology by providing support, professional services, training and other value-add resources. Our clients include major accounting firms, Fortune 1000 companies, federal, state and local government, corporations in all industry sectors, non-profits and higher education. Our team continues to put the customer first in all we do - and to us, that's what matters most.


Several years ago, IDEA helped me uncover a multi-million-dollar fraud including the specific methods the perpetrator used to cover up the malfeasance. When I recently needed to conduct a due diligence audit of a middle market bankrupt business, IDEA helped me quickly gain insight into the businesses' process performance in a way that would have been nearly impossible using any other tool.

- Brian Cullum, Returning IDEA User


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