Banking Suite


Protect Your Profits With the Banking Suite App

Fraud is on the rise among banking and financial institutions. From an increased focus on risk management, to proactive loss prevention, the banking industry is actively working to avert another crisis and safeguard reputations. 

AccountProtector tests account deposits based on activity/inactivity, and transactions, for potential fraud


LoanProtector manages the loan administration process including performance, transactions, maintenance, and activities that may indicate fraud or policies non-conformance


Value of Using the Banking Suite Apps

  • Provides early detection to stop immediate losses 

  • Reduces future losses by an average of 75%

  • Protects assets by monitoring 100% of electronic data associated with loan and deposit accounts

  • Eliminates hours of programming required to test account, customer and transaction data

  • Identifies both common and high-risk fraud scenarios that typically require specialized expertise to uncover

  • Provides assurance to stakeholders by automatically detecting errors, omissions and potential fraud schemes

  • Exceptions are provided in a shareable report to facilitate further investigation 

  • Integrates with CaseWare IDEA to deliver complete and consistent results

Banking Suite Apps:


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