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Segregation of Duties

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The main elements required for fraud are motivation and opportunity. Accordingly, the best opportunity a company can offer a fraudster is weak or nonexistent Segregation of Duties (SoD). SoD is a critical internal control aimed at limiting opportunities for abuse by a single person, such as requiring two signatures on a check or separating the creation and approval of sensitive transactions.

Application Controls

  • Evaluate transactional data against control settings
  • Identify where custom transactions or programs may be inadvertently bypassing standard system controls
  • Compare application control settings to control tables to identify potential changes
  • Identify  excessive use of system override

Change Controls

  • Identify program changes not appearing on change control logs
  • Compare key program or file size, timestamps, and other characteristics to a control table to identify instances where a change has occurred
  • Evaluate emergency change frequency by user, application, department, etc.

Application & System Security

  • Extract security rules and independently verify SOD
  • On potential SOD issues are identified, determine whether rights were exploited
  • Examine the user IDs associated with specific transactions to determine  whether  SOD violations have occurred (e.g. initiator = approver)
  • Identify where users with the same role have different access rights
  • Highlight users with powerful profiles / responsibilities
  • Identify user profile / responsibility changes made immediate prior to or shortly after an audit
  • Identify concurrent logins of the same ID
  • Look for patterns of failed access attempts to key users (CEO, CFO, Payroll, etc.)

Data Quality

  • Analyze master data for missing information
  • Identify inconsistencies in data input
  • Detect duplicate records
  • Assess data for suspicious or erroneous  entries (e.g., description fields with less than 2 characters input)
  • Stratify quality metrics by employee to identify training opportunities
  • Identify outdated or unused information

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