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Transferring Data from Legacy Systems into SAP – Data Validation & Verification


A publicly-traded company based in the U.S. with subsidiaries that designs, markets and sells apparel and accessories had outsourced the process of migrating its clothing inventory data into SAP to better track information.


Different brands are individually processed through different systems and countries. An extract, transform, load (ETL) process was needed to transform and prepare the data in the proper format to prepare the data for SAP. The company also wanted to eliminate mismatches and irrelevant data, such as cancelled purchases and completed orders prior to the SAP upload. All extracted data needed to be validated and verified to ensure accuracy. A separate objective analysis was desired to validate whether the outsourced ETL process was being performed correctly.


The Audimation Services Solutions Development team developed an ETL-emulation process, including an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface to access and extract data from the various legacy systems. The data was imported into IDEA for verification and elimination of mismatched or irrelevant data. IDEAScripts were used to automate the testing process and fetch open sales order numbers, and corresponding purchase order numbers, to match fields in the reports. The team carefully evaluated the process to ensure the correct data was being loaded into SAP from the legacy systems. SmartExporter, an SAP data extraction tool, was used to pull the data from the SAP system so it could be compared to the ODBC pulls from the legacy system to verify accuracy.


More than 1,000 errors were identified, which enabled the client to identify potential errors, which were corrected to ensure accuracy. The IDEAScript saved time, effort and provided the organization with accurate reports. It also allowed the client to efficiently ensure that the outsourced ETL process and migration of their clothing data to SAP was being performed accurately.


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