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Master Class - August 2020

Using Unconventional Data to Uncover
Fraud and Errors

Using Unconventional Data to Uncover
Fraud and Errors

Samantha Webster, Senior Manager of Audit & Analytics - The Mohegan Tribe
Lisa Evans, Senior Auditor - The Mohegan Tribe

Session Description

The bustling gaming industry collects massive amounts of data. Every slot pulled, payout and guest movement are recorded and stored. Internal auditors at The Mohegan Tribe have saved tens of thousands by working with operations to analyze the unconventional data they have been collecting. Explore how tech-savvy auditors built a data analytics program to overcome challenges, including collaborating with key stakeholders to establish effective monitoring controls. Their innovative approach includes investigating known frauds, identifying data points associated with them, creating red flag analytics, and communicating investigation results.

Learning Objectives

  • Creative ways to use non-financial data to gain actionable insights

  • Leverage cross-functional teams to achieve strategic business goals

  • Build a data analytics program within any operations department

Speaker Bio

Samantha Webster has over 15 years of experience in Auditing, Forensics and Tax including 6 years in public accounting. Samantha holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting and her CPA, CFE and CIDA certifications. Samantha leads the data analytics program at Mohegan and has been in gaming for 7 years.

Lisa Evans has several years of experience in gaming and auditing. She has her CIA certification and is a member of the Corporate Governance Data Analytics team.


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