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Value of Data Analytics for Any Industries:

Data analytics can be in infused into every aspect of business across all industries to reduce risks, detect fraud and improve business processes. Its reach extends well beyond just analyzing financial and operational data including sales, marketing, legal, IT and more.

  • Run system checks to assess data reliability and detect system weaknesses
  • Generate samples of sales and use tax information to assess regulatory compliance
  • Create customer and sales profiles, measure performance
  • Conduct inspections on inventory and assets, including location or movement and pricing
  • Perform IT security reviews and analyze network, computer security, phone and firewall logs


The advent of electronic medical records presents an opportunity to use data analytics software to conduct comprehensive risk assessments, identify potential RAC audit problems, prevent losses, and analyze patient, insurance and inventory data.


Insurance fraud is an $80 billion enterprise. Insurers are responding to industry disruptions by using technology for operational risk management, fraud detection and analysis of customer trends to stay competitive. See how data analytics can be used to make data-driven decisions.


Retailers collect vast amounts of valuable data, which can be analyzed to track inventory, improve profit margins and reduce shrinkage. From purchasing to vendor management, IDEA can help you turn large volumes of data into a competitive advantage.

Areas of Application

Arts, Entertainment & Gaming

Auditors oversee multiple areas of the business across several locations, working with high volumes of transactional data. Management often relies on internal audit to provide recommendations for improvements and cost-saving opportunities. IDEA helps you turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights, save hours of effort by automating repeatable tasks, prevent fraud and so much more.

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