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These featured articles, published content and eBooks provide you with in-depth information about how data analytics can be used including experiences from other professionals, top-of-mind issues and tips for when and where to apply IDEA in your everyday work.

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Publications to Learn at Your Own Pace

  • IDEA Workbook – Provides step-by-step instructions for using IDEA

  • CIDA eBook – Comprehensive study guide to take the certification exam with confidence


  • eBook
    Justifying Data Analytics

    Building a strategic business case for data analytics is not about obtaining a budget for software. It is about showcasing how it aligns with your organization’s short and
    long term goals, and most importantly, how it will impact the bottom line. 

    Here are considerations to include in a multifaceted conversation with leadership.

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  • eBook
    5 Ways to Fight Fraud Using Data Analytics

    Fraud schemes often slip through the cracks because of internal control weaknesses or unwatched systems.

    Data analytics helps you bring in data from different systems, applications and data sources to test every transaction.

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  • eBook
    How Internal Audit Can Become the Go-To Trusted Advisor

    Data-savvy professionals are in high demand. Those who are on the look-out for opportunities to use data analytics, whether identifying trends or deterring risks, will always have a seat at the table. This eBook includes tips and advice from professionals who have used technology to advance their careers and the role of internal audit. 

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  • eBook
    Travel & Entertainment Risk Assessment

    With data analytics, you can gather data from different systems and file types, and import them into a single platform to test 100% of T&E transactions. The process can be fully automated to save hundreds of hours and create a culture of compliance.

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  • eBook
    5 Ways Data Analytics Saves Time

    Data analytics is gaining in popularity for its ability to leverage more value from the growing data volumes we generate. It is used to evaluate and assess large batches of data in record time and turn hours of work into minutes.

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IDEA Publications

  • Publication
    Preparatory Material for CIDA

    Prepare for the CaseWare Analytics CIDA Certification exam with this effective and easy-to-use self-study guide. Formatted in Q&A style to facilitate learning, understanding and readability.

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