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IDEA 11.1 Delivers More Apps, Freedom and Functionality

With every new release, IDEA continues to deliver on its commitment to improved user experience, seamless collaboration and advancements for emerging technology applications.

The newly released IDEA 11.1 upgrade provides access to an array of new apps, process automation, more licensing flexibility, and much more!

What’s New at a Glance


  • Access to a growing library of IDEA’s most popular audit apps
  • Greater collaboration through enhancements to Cloud Share
  • Time and efficiency gains through Robotic Process Automation
  • Ability to leverage machine learning and advanced analytics
  • More licensing freedom with support for virtual environments (e.g. Citrix) and on-premise network license management


Robotic Process Automation

IDEA 11.1 now has a built-in Task Scheduler, which allows auditors to automate periodic manual tasks, improving efficiency and giving auditors more time to analyze results. Those who upgrade can now:

  • Configure the system to automatically run unattended regularly repeated processes, as well as time-consuming complex analytics on large datasets outside working hours
  • Use the email notification feature for successful task completion or failure
  • Send analytic results, alerts, detected anomalies etc. during execution for real-time notification to managers, collaborators or yourself


Apps Included

Gain access to a growing array of popular audit-specific apps and tools, including Exceptional Exceptions for General Ledger to highlight critical risk areas to help identify fraud.

  • 24 audit-specific tests including:
    • Unusual/rare accounts posting combination
    • Unusual user(s) posting entries
    • Abnormal debits/credits for specific accounts
  • Introduced Machine Learning with Outliers tests
  • Tests aggregation and scoring to rank transactions by risk
  • Risk-based sampling
  • Overview of the risk areas to identify notable journal entries
  • Integration with PowerBI for dashboarding

IDEA subscribers will still be able to access apps through Passport.


Innovation Opportunities for Early Adopters

For IDEA users who stay ahead of the curve, the IDEA Lab provides access to new audit-specific tools and working prototypes that leverage machine learning. This portal provides users access to an ever-expanding library of advanced audit technologies and prototypes, including:

  • Integrated Python applications
  • AI and ML prototypes
  • Advanced audit analytic utilities
  • Integration examples with external visualization tools


Prototypes & Scripts Included in IDEA Lab

Prototypes & Scripts Included in IDEA Lab


Licensing Freedom

Enjoy more flexibility in selecting the right licensing for users including support for virtual environments and on-premise network license management.


On-Premises Network License Server


  • Supports IDEA deployments in virtual environments (e.g. Citrix)
  • Ideal for isolated networks without access to the Internet
  • Offers larger clients an ability to manage licenses within their own network


Additional 11.1 Enhancements


  • Cloud Share now supports External Projects and Shared Mapped Drives: Previously, only IDEA managed projects files could be transferred/uploaded to cloud using Cloud Share. Now, users may upload files from External projects
  • AuditFile Imports: IDEA 11.1 now includes the ACL and AuditFile Import Components
  • Auto-Renew: IDEA automatically checks license renewal status, eliminating any user intervention once renewal is processed
  • Provisional License now 15 days
  • Standalone License Manager updated to support Network License Server

To upgrade to IDEA 11.1, contact [email protected].

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