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11 Reasons You’ll Love IDEA v11.1!

Simplified Licensing. Increased Power. Abundant Resources.

Being a market leader requires constant innovation. The CaseWare IDEA® product development team is passionate about expanding their solutions to meet the increased demands of auditors and accountants. But innovation goes beyond technology. CaseWare is focused on improving the full user experience, including how teams share and collaborate. Here are some of the top enhancements V11.1 delivers that are driving unrivaled productivity and accelerating time to insights.


IDEA’s newest release offers more value with access to an array of new apps, more licensing freedom, and the tools to automate basic processes for optimal efficiency. Here’s a quick look at the top reasons you’ll want to upgrade ASAP!


  1. Exceptional Exceptions GL – Apply 24 risk-based tests to help identify fraud within the general ledger, including:
    • Unusual accounts posting combinations
    • Unusual posting entries
    • Abnormal debits/credits for specific accounts
      The application provides guidance through all stages of setting up the tests and provides options on the parameters, allowing you to risk-rank each test. Your results are delivered in a series of IDEA files along with Power BI dashboard.
  2. Simplified Licensing – Scale audit operations with ease. No more C2D and D2C files! Admins can quickly move activation codes between machines without going through the reclamation process. Plus, standalone licensing now permits RDS and supports Windows Server install.
  3. Expanded Import Capabilities – Upload a variety of new file types including:

    ACL v6.5 – v13Microsoft Excel
    Advanced Record Definition EditorODBC
    AS400Print Report and Adobe PDF
    Auditfile FinancialSap SmartExporter
    CaseWare Accounting PackageSAP/AIS
    CaseWare Working PapersSAP/AIS
    Microsoft Access


  4. Expanded Exports – V11.1 allows you to export Excel and Text data sets with 255 columns.
  5. Run Scripts on Your Schedule – Configure scripts located in the Macros Library Group, including IDEAScript macros, Visual Script macros and Python scripts to run on set schedule. You can set an email notification to alert you if the script ran successfully or if it failed.
  6. Communicating with Python – IDEA now includes the custom IdeaLib package that enables two-way communication between IDEA and Python. It can convert a Pandas DataFrame into an IDEA database, and convert an IDEA database into a Pandas DataFrame to create two-dimensional data structures using columns of different data types.
  7. Need for Speed – A powerful 64-bit application that is compatible with all modern operating systems helps you work even faster. The Audimation team has seen at least a 15% improvement during initial performance testing.
  8. Take it to the Cloud – CloudShare provides access to your organization’s entities, associated projects and files. Upload and share your work with other team members, or download files from the cloud to your local IDEA projects folder or Local Library.
  9. IDEA Lab Loaded with Resources – Access prototypes and scripts to simplify your work, including:
    • Range Join – Joins records between databases based on a range defined in one database and used to search for values within another database
    • Outliers – Searches for unusual items within a database by analyzing different categories and amount combinations
    • Fuzzy Join – Performs a fuzzy join between two IDEA databases by testing for possible duplicates
    • Currency Converter – Converts a Numeric field to another currency based on a specified date
    • Word Find – Creates a summary of all words from a selected text field within an IDEA database
  10. Integration with CaseWare Working Papers – Transform the way your team works and drive the quality and consistency of every audit engagement.
  11. Work from Anywhere – The on-premises Network License Server supports virtual environments (e.g., Citrix) and delivers the freedom to connect by machine name rather than an IP address with no more clone errors! Even if the server goes down, IDEA Client keeps you working up to 24 hours (possibly longer) before an error message is received. See who many concurrent licenses are in use and by whom as shown below:

Ready to upgrade to IDEA 11.1?
Contact [email protected].

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By Sarah Palombo
Sarah Palombo founded Avery Public Relations in 2007 and took on Audimation Services as her first client. She has more than 20 years of experience developing communications programs and creating content.

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