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IDEA has @GetNextValue() and @GetPreviousValue() functions, however, there may be times that you require something slightly different. In this scenario, the user is reviewing a series of transactions that contains records of a certain transaction type, and they need to review the transactions that occurred immediately prior or after these specific transactions.

This could be used to review voids, high values, manual entries, computer logins, access card entry logs, and time duration between records.


  • Download and install IDEA Labs, GET NEXT GET PREVIOUS. The Get Next Get Previous plugin lets you extract x number of transactions before or after a specific transaction type that is based on a specified criteria. For example, you can review transactions that occurred just before or just after a Void was entered into your Point-Of-Sale system. You can set the criteria to be all Void transactions and specify the number of records before or after the Void transactions to extract. The plugin extracts all previous and next transactions that meet the criteria.
  • Select database, Extract Type, Number of Next/Previous Records to Extract, enter Filter Criteria. Click OK.
  • Resulting database will contain the specified number of records before/after the record identified by the criteria entered.

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Result: Both record 11 and record 12 met the criteria, AMOUNT > 50000.

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IDEA Labs, GET NEXT GET PREVIOUS added 21-Jul-2020. IDEA 11.1 64-bit


In IDEA v9/v10

To accomplish this task via IDEA 9/10, followed by quick demo of the IDEA Lab plugin, check out this 30 minute video by Sunder Gee, CPA, CMA, CIDA.


Analysis of Immediate Prior and Subsequent Records

Using IDEA Equation Editor’s Next/Previous Functionality


Alternate method using @GetNextValue() and @GetPreviousValue() functions


    • Type: Numeric
    • Size: 0 decimal places
    • Parameter:@PRecNo()
    • Description: Physical Record Number
    • Type: Virtual Character
    • Size: 5
    • Parameter:@If(AMOUNT > 50000, “R”, @If(@GetNextValue(“AMOUNT”) > 50000, “P”, @If(@GetPreviousValue(“AMOUNT”) > 50000, “N”, “”)))
    • Description: Do I wish to review this record?
  • R = record with AMOUNT > 50000
  • P = record immediately PRIOR to one with AMOUNT > 50000
  • N = record immediately AFTER to one with AMOUNT > 50000




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