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Fraud, Risk Management & Compliance Solutions


Ever-changing compliance requirements and ever-present fraud and risk can have a significant impact on any organization, well beyond financial loss. Data analytics can help you identify weaknesses in regulatory compliance process and mitigate risks to avoid potential legal trouble and fines.

CaseWare IDEA® simplifies compliance by identifying areas where controls are weak or absent, and potential areas of vulnerability.



Use IDEA for Fraud, Risk & Compliance to:

  • Analyze 100% of transactions to search for patterns indicative of fraud or irregularities

  • Evaluate the underlying processes, systems and controls to manage risks

  • Prepare for compliance audits such as FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, DATA Act, Dodd-Frank Act, etc.

  • Identify areas of potential non-compliance, bribery and corruption to prevent steep penalties

  • Leverage automated analytics to conduct more regular audits of high-risk areas

  • Produce a clear audit trail of every action taken

We can help you put data analytics to work to prevent unnecessary losses due to fraud or non-compliance, and deliver findings so accurate and reliable they will stand up to intensive scrutiny.

Success Story

Global Chemical Company Automates Risks Identification with CaseWare IDEA

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