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IIA Releases Global Technology Audit Guide on Data Analysis Technologies

Audimation Services Provides Technical Expertise and Insight as a Contributor

Houston – September 19, 2011 – Audimation Services, Inc. joins the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in announcing the release of the Global Technology Audit Guide (GTAG®) 16 on Data Analysis Technologies. Donald Sparks, CIA, CISA, a Vice President with Audimation Services, co-authored the GTAG as a volunteer of the IIA Global Advanced Technology Committee.

Released in August 2011, the GTAG 16 covers the use of data analysis technology to assist auditors in increasing audit coverage, performing more thorough and consistent audits, and ultimately increasing the levels of assurance they provide their organizations. The guide is available to current IIA members on the IIA Web site and covers five core areas of information about the benefits, areas of use, challenges, incorporation and opportunities of utilizing data analysis technology.

Co-author Don Sparks provided information about how data analysis is used by internal auditors to conduct more thorough audits in less time, and a ranking matrix for data analysis software selection. The matrix is a self-evaluation tool that may be used to assign priorities for criteria such as strategic objectives, support and features/functionality based on specific business or audit needs. It was originally published as a supplement to a CaseWare IDEA research report, "Moving Forward with Data Analysis – Systematic Selection and Implementation," which provides a step-by-step approach to evaluating, selecting and implementing data analysis technology. Professional organizations or groups interested in hosting a speaker to present information from the GTAG 16 may submit a request via the Speakers Bureau under the "We Need a Speaker" section.

“Internal auditors have been using data analysis for more than 25 years for one simple reason, they are able to perform better audits in less time,” said Sparks. “Its longevity has a lot to do with time savings, the ability to proactively assess risk and conduct more thorough analysis with less effort. Data analysis technology has been the key to shortening audit cycles nearly right out of the box. IDEA is at the forefront of data analysis technology innovation, bringing new features and functionality to professionals with every version release.”

Contributors of the GTAG 16 acknowledge that technology, in one form or another, is being used to conduct audits and data analysis should be viewed as an enabling technology. Data analysis can be used by internal auditors to improve efficiency, effectiveness and levels of assurance.

About Audimation Services, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Audimation Services, Inc. is a leader in providing data analysis technology to help companies understand their data, assess risks, test controls, and fight fraud. As the sole U.S. distributor of IDEA® – Data Analysis Software, CaseWare™ Monitor and SmartExporter for SAP®, we help our clients maximize their technology investments by providing support, training and other valuable resources. For more information about Audimation Services, visit www.audimation.com or call 888-641-2800.

About CaseWare IDEA Inc.
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