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IUC 2020 - Session Recordings

Simple Scripts to Achieve Substantial Results

Simple Scripts to Achieve Substantial Results

Jared Bradley, CPA, CCIFP, Accounting & Auditing Advisor
Stambaugh Ness, Inc.

Data analytics can significantly increase productivity and eliminate tedious manual tasks, and exponentially, when paired with automation technologies. IDEAScripts are easy to configure, require little or no programming expertise, and can be quickly deployed to automate tasks. This session illustrates how easily IDEAScripts can be integrated into audits, substantially reducing audit hours. Watch real-world examples of automated procedures to transform three days of work into three hours.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify audit procedures that can be easily automated

  • Implement basic scripting into audit engagements to save time

  • Utilize IDEAScripts as a service to automate client processes, saving hours of effort


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