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IUC 2020 - Session Recordings

Workshop Catching Outliers:
Finding Fraud in the Numbers

Workshop Catching Outliers:
Finding Fraud in the Numbers

Mark Nigrini, PhD, Associate Professor of Accounting
College of Business & Economics - West Virginia University

In 2019, dozens of wealthy, high-profile individuals were charged in connection with a multimillion-dollar scheme to influence undergraduate admissions decisions at several American universities. Federal officials described it as the largest college admissions scam in history. This session provides an informative and entertaining look at patterns utilized in fraud schemes, including occupational fraud, financial statement fraud, and bribery.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply data analytics techniques to search for distinctive patterns

  • Identify frauds by looking for amounts that are round, just above or below a threshold, intentional duplicates of authentic transactions, and other outliers

  • Identify deviations from Benford’s Law to search for fraud patterns


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