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CaseWare IDEA Workbook


CaseWare IDEA Workbook

The IDEA Workbook is an in-depth tutorial applying IDEA tests and analyses to audits and investigations in accounts receivable, accounts payable/fraud investigation and inventory.

The IDEA tests and analyses increase in complexity, building on the experience learned in earlier sections. Included in these sections are:

  • An assessment of potential risks with business and audit implications
  • A list of the potential tests
  • Audit objectives with IDEA lesson objectives to reinforce the reasoning behind the tests
  • Step-by-step instructions with solutions
  • Additional sections provide information on topics such as data requirements; designing and printing reports, re-running tasks, managing IDEA use; and provides potential tests for sales transactions, travel expenses, payroll and access controls that could be performed using IDEA.
  • Data Files are available to be downloaded with the hard copy version.

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