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Bring Your Results to Life with Data Visualization

View & Share your Results with Visual Dashboards

Reporting and presenting your findings are important steps in your workflow. IDEA meets your needs for sharing and communicating your results in ways that others can easily understand and provide you with ways to stay organized along the way.

  • Automatically create charts and field statistics to profile your data and pinpoint patterns, trends, outliers and correlations that may have gone undetected in a table.

  • Display data graphically in up to 10 panels, which can be customized to show exactly the results you want to see and zoom in for a closer look.

  • Stay organized with the Library where you can:

    • Store files and assets in order including equations, import definitions, source files, macros, project summaries and custom functions.

    • Browse project files and view their properties, including status, size and last modified date.

    • Drag-and-drop items into the Library and send items directly from the Library by email.

  • Drag-and-drop your results directly into the CaseWare Working Papers document managers.

We can transform your results into amazing reports using data visualization tools including Power BI and Tableau.

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