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Chapter 4: Formatting Data

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Chapter 4: Formatting Data Transcript

Now that there is a file imported to IDEA, let’s talk about formatting. Formatting can be useful in making your data more readable. Here is how you do it.

To adjust column widths, place the cursor between two field names so it becomes a double-headed arrow. Click and drag the column separator lines to adjust the width of the fields. To sequence - or index - your data, double click on the column header. An arrow will appear in the header pointing upwards to show that the data has been indexed in ascending order. To index in descending order, double click the header again.

Any time data is indexed, it is indicated in the Indices area of the properties window. To remove an index and return to the original ordering of data, click No Index in the Indices section of the properties window. It is also possible to change font, font colors and size, background colors as well as how negative numbers are indicated.

In the Database window, right-click any field name to show a list of frequently used tasks.

Select Column Settings.

Cust-no is selected in the field list so we can change how this data is displayed.

I am going to make the text color blue and change the background color to a light grey. I am going to make the font bold. Click OK.

Next I'm going to adjust how the credit limit is shown. I'm also going to change my text color, in this case, it is going to be purple and my background will also be light grey. I am not going to change the font at all but this is about credit limit so we are talking about money so in this case I do want to see a currency symbol and use thousand separator.

The currency symbol and a thousand separator come from the regional settings if your computer so depending on where in the world you are you might see different indicators you might see a dollar sign, you might see a pound sign.

I'm using United States regional settings so I am going to see a dollar sign. Make any further changes you wish and click OK. The columns themselves can also be re-ordered by first clicking the header to select and then clicking and holding the mouse button and this will allow you to pick up your column and drag it into a new location in the data grid.

I am going to move my credit limit to just after the customer number field. The red line which appears shows me the new location of the column when I release the mouse button. To remove any formatting changes which have been applied, go to the View tab and click reset in the View group.


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