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Tech Tip: SmartAnalyzer, Tagging Fields

Smart Analyzer Ribbon
A majority of the SmartAnalyzer apps have tags. If you simply select TAGGING without first selecting an individual test – all tags are displayed. Start with SELECT & RUN from the SmartAnalyzer ribbon.
Define Tags Dialog Box
Figure 1: All tags displayed, no test selected
If you select DEFINE TAGS with a set of tests (like General Ledger) selected, then only tags for that set of tests are displayed. Note that after tagging fields for a group of tests, you can SAVE your tags. The file created is saved in OTHER.ILB of your current project.
Define and Save Tags
Figure 2: Define and save tags for a set of test
If you click the TAG button for a single test, you will only see the tags for that individual test.
Tags Journal Entries
Figure 3: TAGS for Journal Entries with Amounts that end in 999
A basic Tutorial is installed with each copy of IDEA, it can be located in the IDEA folder on the Windows start menu.
Smart Analyzer Tutorial
Watch this 7-minute video for additional instruction: Getting Started with SmartAnalyzer’s Financial App.


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By Kris Willison
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