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Tech Tip: Filling Empty Cells

Importing data that is not formatted correctly can drain hours of your analysis time. An IDEA user was working with general ledger detail that required an account number associated with each entry.

Manually copying account numbers was not an option given they were working with 10 tabs of Excel GL data, each containing 65,000 lines of data per tab. She took advantage of the 20-minute rule to see if there was a trick for filling in account numbers…and luckily there is!

CaseWare Passport has a number of postings (scripts, functions, videos) to help with tedious tasks, like working with data that is not formatted correctly. The Fill Down script fills empty cells with the value from the previous cell in the same column. It works well for Excel spreadsheets that have been configured as a report.

Click here to download the IDEAScript

Save the file to MACROS.ILB of your current project. From the MACROS TAB select RUN. You will be prompted for file name & field name(s) – like magic it will fill in the account numbers for you!

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By Kris Willison
Kris joined the Professional Services team in January of 2015 as a Solutions Specialist. She has an extensive background in Software and Database Development accumulated from thirty years in IT support with twenty years’ experience in database development, cleanup, audit and migration using Microsoft Access. In her time with Audimation, she has received client praise for her “Top Tier” engagement on Monitor and Scripting projects. Kris enjoys looking at problems from new angles to determine the most efficient means of meeting the clients’ needs. Kris has been breeding/showing purebred Balinese cats since 1972 and Oriental Longhairs since 1996. She also hosts one of the largest online pedigree database sites for Siamese and related breeds with nearly 600 users worldwide.

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