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This webcast series gives you access to professionals from all avenues of business and industry, who will share with you how they have mastered data analytics to overcome complex challenges, uncover all types of anomalies, and deliver exponential value to their organizations. Each speaker will inspire you to explore your data in new ways and get your creativity flowing.

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Fake Executives and Frauds Involving New Technology
Scott Langlinais, Langlinais Fraud & Audit Advisory
March 11, 2020 @ 1:00 PM CST (2:00 EST)

How could anyone be so [insert adjectives] as to fall for that?

It’s easy to judge in retrospect, yet highly educated financial executives in sophisticated companies are wiring money to unknown bank accounts in China, Turkey, the Caymans… only to learn later the ‘executive’ who made the request to wire the money was an imposter.

Some crooks have become quite clever. We’ve all received poorly worded emails full of grammar errors luring us to click on a link to an odd web address. However, some of the scams demonstrate a fundamental and deep understanding of human nature, and executives are falling into traps.

Even if folks never fall for a spoofing or phishing attempt, they are still subject to ransomware, fake profiles & black markets on social media, and rogue phone apps.

In this session, we will examine common frauds involving new technologies, and how companies failed to recognize the pitfalls. We will gain an understanding of the symptoms of the problems, and how you can become more ‘street-smart’ in your organization about detecting those symptoms.

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Date Speaker & Topic
March 12 Scott Langlinais with Fraud & Audit Advisory Services, LLC
Fake Executives and Frauds Involving New Technology
April 8 Samantha Webster and Lisa Evans with The Mohegan Tribe
Using Unconventional Data to Uncover Fraud and Errors
May 13 Dr. Amanda White with University of Technology Sydney
5 Ways to Improve Audit Quality


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