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Distribution/Service Providers

CaseWare IDEA Applications

Here are some examples of analyses that can be performed using IDEA. Data from different systems can be brought together for complete analysis. Ultimately, you are only limited by your imagination.

Distribution/service companies have many of the standard ledgers, Payroll and Accounts Payable files, which can be key concerns.


List Management


  • Combine extracted data from financial reports for presentations
  • Automatically manage lists with select, extract, prints, and count commands
  • Merge audit verification letters with accounts and balances for external audit
  • Generate multiple marketing mailings based on historical customer purchases
  • Perform marketing tests with random name selections for promotional letters
  • Create an auto-extract of activity data for direct transfer to spreadsheets


Sales Analysis


  • Generate sales/profitability reports by sales representative, product, and customer
  • Recap product sales by region, customer, and category
  • Identify high sales volumes by region, customer, and category
  • Extract all sales data for audit by customer, product, and region
  • Compare ratios of current sales to open receivables (high-low; low-high)
  • Summarize shipments by warehouse for product distribution analysis


Sales Order Control


  • Report on the correlation between items shipped and items ordered
  • Analyze open orders and open invoices by customer for credit control
  • Isolate detail and average backlogs by customer, item, and location
  • Reconcile booked items to inventory reserved (on hold) items
  • Control profits by calculating line item margins before shipment
  • Analyze product demand by summarizing products ordered by due date


Service Management


  • Create real-time service tracking reports in any format to manage fieldwork
  • Coordinate service personnel schedules to maximise performance in real time
  • Quickly recap the routes and times of service calls by employee and area
  • Compare arrival and service times for field service representatives
  • Calculate the cost of service by call for labor, materials and transportation
  • Compare service report time to time-card hours from payroll

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