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CaseWare IDEA Applications

Regulatory Compliance

  • Compile and chart data based on account types and service usage utilizing demographic information captured in central information, depository and loan systems to document CRA compliance
  • Analyze loans to insiders to document compliance with regulatory lending limitations
  • Identify large depositors and borrowers for regulatory examiners
  • Review currency transactions to ensure large cash transactions are properly reported
  • Check depository account holds and compare them to the posted Funds Availability Policy to ensure compliance with Reg CC
  • Roll up Call Report Data and compare to prior reports to detect variances
  • Compare Call Report information to FR2900 to detect reporting variances
  • Calculate Regulatory Capital Requirements

Depository Accounts

  • Check interest and service charge calculations
  • Easily identify data input coding errors
  • Compile demographic information for compliance examinations
  • Analyze transaction activity
  • Compile demographic information for compliance examinations
  • Age interest bearing deposits by maturity date to analyze interest rate risk
  • Analyze account activity and services used by type of account to evaluate service charge and interest pricing structures
  • Analyze depository portfolio by servicing officer, location, customer type, etc.

Loan Accounts

  • Summarize loan portfolio information based on data in any field
  • Identify loans with unusual interest rates
  • Find loans with negative balances or balances larger than the original amount
  • Summarize loans by collateral and purpose to analyze portfolio risk
  • Review and analyze underlying collateral on loans secured by accounts receivable and inventory
  • Check interest and service fee calculations
  • Create custom reports on new, renewed, and past due loans
  • Analyze loan portfolio by servicing officer, location, loan type, etc.


  • Age investment portfolio to analyze interest rate repricing risk
  • Stratify portfolio by size
  • Summarize portfolio by type, issuer, interest rate, maturity, etc.
  • Create charts of investment portfolio information

Fixed Assets

  • Compare book and tax depreciation and indicate variances
  • Identify fully depreciated items and assets higher than replacement costs
  • Recap asset values, in dollar value order, by net or cost amount
  • Recalculate expense and reserve amounts using replacement costs
  • Compare useful lives of assets by category
  • Extract assets with useful lives or depreciation rates beyond set norms

General Ledger

  • Speed closing with quick account reconciliations and adjustment transactions
  • Easily calculate financial ratios and changes for income/assets, debt/equity, etc.
  • Calculate and sort percentage variances in accounts between periods
  • Analyze year-to-date activity for large operating accounts
  • Compute weighted averages and interest rates
  • Create custom balance sheets, P & L statements, cash flow analyses, etc.

Other Applications

  • Verify data processing information prior to and after software upgrades or conversions
  • Summarize transactions by time period and location to analyze staffing needs

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