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2020 IDEA Users Conference – Wrap Up

IUC 2020 Wrap Up

IUC 2020 – Bring Your A-Game

Thank you to everyone for making it a success, including our attendees, esteemed speakers, and the Audimation and CaseWare teams behind the scenes that made all of this possible!

The 2-day conference featured 40+ notable industry speakers, 38 sessions, 6 main field of studies spread across 4 learning tracks, a virtual reception, a user group meeting, and an exhibit hall with booths that linked to some great resources with live representatives. We also had a virtual interactive lobby, helpdesk, and auditorium that linked to zoom webinars/meetings for each of the sessions. We were amazed that we were able to award well over 1,735 CPE credit hours to our attendees and can’t wait to hear the impact it has in the months and year to follow.

We had no idea what to expect when we were forced to move from our traditionally in-person event to our first fully virtual experience. With most events being canceled or also becoming virtual throughout the summer, we had lucked out with experienced attendees who were eager to obtain the fresh perspectives and the latest in technology developments and process improvements, regardless of the disruption of conventional networking opportunities. Many organizations sent their entire team as upskilling and proficiency in data analytics has become a priority.

IUC 2020 - Virtual Experience

The true value you get from a conference is the insight you obtain to solve specific challenges within your organization, how to automate your tedious workflows saving significant time, or how to catch human errors and fraud to greatly reduce risks and improve profitability. “We gauge our success on whether attendees are able to immediately incorporate lessons learned to streamline internal operations or drive excitement for data analytics solutions amongst their leadership.” said Carolyn Newman, President – Audimation.

When asked what is a key takeaway or item that you learned from sessions at IUC 2020, attendees responded that they discovered  “I was merely scratching surface of IDEA’s core capabilities.” Others mentioned how the landscape of auditors was evolving stating “The new generation of CAEs think more broadly, they are much more focused on tech for Audit Process Improvement and are more concerned with the health and strategic growth of the business”.

We hope everyone was able to obtain valuable insights from industry experts and were inspired to expand your usage and reach with IDEA. If you have any questions regarding IUC 2020 or have recommendations for speakers for IUC 2022, please reach out to our team via [email protected] and we will follow up!

If you were able to attend this year, we’d love to hear from you! Your feedback helps us continuously improve and add increased value to you and your organization. Complete the IUC 2020 Survey


Special Thanks to the All-Star IUC 2020 Team!


2020 IDEA User of Excellence Recipient
Matt Storlie, CFE, CIDA, Manager, Forensics & Litigation Services – Wipfli LLP
User Group Leaders
Fred Lyons, CISA – Audit Thought Leader (New York City)
Bryan Geels, CPA, CIDA, Senior Manager – BDO USA, LLP (Seattle)
Jennifer Girard, CIDA, Senior Auditor – American Red Cross (Washington DC)
Mark Mayeux, MBA Internal Auditor – H&E Equipment Services (Baton Rouge)
Leslie Townsend, Vice President, Global Internal Audit – Edwards Lifesciences (Southern California)
Signature Sponsor
CaseWare IDEA
Thank you to the entire CaseWare team for not only teaching several engaging sessions and actively supporting the professional development of your IDEA userbase, but also listening intently to what new features and functionality everyone would like to address their specific challenges.
We are all thrilled to hear the plans for future releases for IDEA!

Susan Andrews, CPA, CFE, CISA, MBA, CIGA, CIG, Audit Manager – Deputy Inspector General: Jefferson Parish OIG
Deniz Appelbaum, MBA, PhD, Assistant Professor of the Department of Accounting and Finance, Feliciano School of Business – Montclair State University
Jared Bradley, CPA, CCIFP, Accounting & Auditing Advisor – Stambaugh Ness, Inc.
Mustafa Canbolat, PhD, Associate Professor of Management in the School of Business – State University of New York at Brockport
Ashish Chhabra, Senior Consultant, Data Analytics – Withum
Claire Chong, CPA, CIA, CFE, Industry Strategist – CaseWare IDEA
Brian Element, CPA, CA, CFE, CIDA, CISE, Industry Strategist – CaseWare IDEA
Jennifer Ellison, CFE, CISA, Training Services Manager – Audimation
Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, Executive Director – Oracle
Lisa Evans, CIA, Senior Internal Auditor – The Mohegan Tribe
Bryan Geels, CPA, CIDA, Data Analytics Practice Lead – BDO USA, LLP
Anu Ghai, CPA, CFE, Faculty of Practice, J. S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership – Wilkes University
Jennifer Girard, CIDA, Senior Auditor – American Red Cross
Lynford Graham, CPA, CFE, Visiting Professor and Executive in Residence – Bentley University
Erin Heizyk CPA, CFE, CISA, MBA, CIGA, CIG, Senior Accountant – Insero & Co. CPAs
Kathryn Horton, CPA, CMA, CIDA, CFE, Audit Thought Leader – Kathryn K. Horton CPA PA
Leslie Kirsch, CIDA, CIA, CFE, CISA, Director, Central Analytics – Withum
David Kirtland, CIA, CFE, CRMA, Director of Internal Audit – Spark Energy
Chris Kosty, CPA, CIDA, Automation & Data Analytics Process Team – Schneider Downs & Co., Inc.
Matt Kraemer, CPA, Manager – Technology Consultants Group
Scott Langlinais, CPA – Langlinais Fraud & Audit Advisory Services, LLC
Jason Lee, CFA, Chief Fraud Officer – Threat Playbook, LLC
Fred Lyons, CISA – Audit Thought Leader
Mark Mayberry, CPA.CITP, CISA, CIDA – Audit Thought Leader
Mark Mayeux, MBA, Internal Auditor – H&E Equipment Services
Ricardo Murillo, CIDA, CISE, Technology Services Manager – Audimation
Carolyn Newman, CPA.CITP, CISA, President – Audimation
Mark Nigrini, PhD, Associate Professor of Accounting, College of Business & Economics – West Virginia University
Chris Peters, CFE, MAFF, CIDA, Founder & Partner – GPS Consultants, LLC
Alexander Pullen, SHRM-SCP, HR Director – The George Washington University
Sam Reschly, CPA, Assurance Senior Manager – RSM US, LLP
Abby Roveda, CPA, Audit Supervisor – Crow Shields Bailey, PC
Kevin Simon, Product Lead – CaseWare IDEA
Paul Soos, CIA, CRMA, CFE, CIDA, Director – EBITDA Enhancements, LLC
Jeffery Sorensen, CIA, CISA, CIDA, Industry Strategist – CaseWare IDEA
Alain Soublière, CPA, CGA, CIDA, Director of Product Strategy – CaseWare IDEA
Ian Stewart, UX Architect – CaseWare IDEA
Matt Storlie, CFE, CIDA, Manager, Forensics & Litigation Services – Wipfli LLP
Ben Tay, CPA, CIA, CRMA, CFE, Senior Audit Finance – Edwards Life Sciences
David Wang, CPA, CIA, Associate Professor & Driehaus Fellow – DePaul University
Samantha Webster, CPA, CFE, CIDA, Senior Manager of Audit & Analysis – The Mohegan Tribe
Amanda White, Senior Lecturer, Accounting Discipline Group – University of Technology Sydney
Leah Wietholter, CFE, PI, CEO – Workman Forensics LLC
Meredith L. Williams-Range, Chief Knowledge & Value Officer – Shearman & Sterling


Special Thanks to the Audimation Team!


Session Moderators + Training
Jennifer Ellison, CFE, CISA, Training Services Manager
Ricardo Murillo, CIDA, CISE, Technology Services Manager
Mario Perez, CIDA, Senior Audit Analytics Consultant
Gina Rumore, Training Services Manager
Carol Ursell, CPA, CIDA, Principal Analytics Instructor & Consultant
Marketing + Operations
Rini Assad, Marketing Manager
Conner Gonzales, Digital Marketing Coordinator
Brad Newman, Treasurer & Business Optimization Manager
Client Success + Support
Nhung Le, IT Services Manager
Ryan Yager, Software Support Specialist
Deb Young, Operations Support Specialist
Deby Busch, Business Services Specialist
Business Development
Thane Russey, Business Development Director
Karen Cartolano, Business Development Executive
Dana Henderson, Account Manager
Rob Herrington, Account Executive
Croix Thompson, Account Manager

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