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Unlock the Power of Your Data

CaseWare IDEA® Data Analysis software is a powerful and comprehensive tool that allows professionals to assess risk, gather evidence, uncover trends and provide the intelligence needed to make informed decisions. IDEA 10.4 delivers seamless integrations, improved visualizations and more audit-specific features.

Benefits of Using Data Analytics Software

  • Centralized approach to capturing and analyzing data
  • Increased understanding of the organization’s operations and risks
  • Improved fraud detection by comparing data from different systems
  • Increased communication with stakeholders, management and regulatory entities
  • Streamlined business processes, strengthen controls and identify cost-saving opportunities

Slick User Interface

With a Windows-based user interface, IDEA immediately feels familiar. The Ribbon includes more than 100 relevant tasks for point-and-click access to commonly used analytics such as duplicate detection and summarization.

Import Data From Virtually Any Source – Including Accounting Packages

Bring virtually limitless amounts data from different file types, formats and systems into a single platform for analysis – including PDFs and print reports. IDEA 10.4 allows users to obtain data from numerous supported accounting packages including QuickBooks, SAGE, ACCPAC and more, and standardizes them into a single output that is consumable by IDEA.

ODBC Driver

Using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to access IDEA data, you can now seamlessly import the latest IDEA data to third-party applications such as Tableau, Power BI, MS Excel and many more.

Fully Integrated with CaseWare Working Papers

IDEA is fully integrated with CaseWare Working Paper to help you work seamlessly between the platforms. Perform your analytics in IDEA and drag-and-drop your results directly into the Working Papers document managers. Easily share the engagement with other auditors using SmartSync technology.

GDPR Compliance

Easily comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with a complementary tool that reviews the data within IDEA and analyzes it to determine the risk factor based on GDPR laws.

Insights in Minutes

Identify trends, patterns and outliers in just a few clicks with the Discover feature. It eliminates hours of manual analysis and results are displayed in a customized visual dashboard.

Bring Your Data to Life - Enhanced Charting

The data visualization features in IDEA help you quickly identify relationships, patterns, anomalies and trends. Charts and graphs can be used to communicate your results with key stakeholders. IDEA 10.4 includes a greater variety of enhanced chart types including pyramid, funnel and bubble, as well as improved user interaction.

Automatic Audit Trail

Project Overview graphically presents all tasks completed within your project, including when databases are created, deleted or changed. Each action is automatically recorded and provided in a diagram, complete with drill-down capabilities.

Automate without Programming

IDEA’s graphical user interface and built-in compiler makes it easy to design scripts to automate repeatable tasks without typing any code. Use the Recorder, copy from History or use the Project Overview feature to create your own.

Get it Right from the Start

Training & Support Included

IDEA is easy to learn and use, but to ensure your rapid success, we include:
  • Unlimited Help Desk support to guide you in using any IDEA feature or function. We walk you step-by-step through any challenge, from difficulty importing files to creating IDEAScripts.
  • A complimentary seat to our one-day live online IDEA Fundamentals workshop for a comprehensive, high-level overview of how to prepare data for analysis, navigate some of IDEA’s commonly-used features and share your results. Plus, earn 8 hours of NASBA CPE!
  • One-hour of Personalized Assistance with an IDEA Expert to guide you in reaching your goals and provide tips for gaining quick “wins” to achieve ROI.
  • Access to Passport for free IDEAScripts, audit templates, how-to videos, global user forums and more!

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