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Tech Tip: Creating Separate Files for Summarizations

Follow these simple steps to create and export separate files based upon your summarization:

  • Open the original file, in this case SAMPLE-CUSTOMERS
    • From the ANALYSIS tab, select KEY VALUE
      • Key: COUNTRY
      • Groups Found: All are automatically selected, or you can choose just a few.
      • Output Prefix: Default is KeyVal, I would suggest COUNTRY in this case.
      • Create a separate database for each unique key
    • The result is multiple files, example:


Audimated Apps to Save Time & Help with Tedious Project Tasks:

Excel Export Utility - Audimated App

You can always export files one at a time, but if you are working with a larger data set, we recommend using the Excel Export Utility App to save hours of effort.

How it Works: The Excel Export Utility App will display every IDEA file in the current project folder (what can be seen in the File Explorer pane from within IDEA, including the first level of subfolders) and allow the export of any or all of the files into a brand new Excel file, or append them into an existing file of either .xlsx or .xls type. Option buttons ease the selection of these files. Export can occur on a single file, a few selected through lists or a range of files given by the user to avoid selecting dozens one by one.

Visit the IDEA Marketplace to purchase the Excel Export Utility App.

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By Kris Willison
Kris joined the Professional Services team in January of 2015 as a Solutions Specialist. She has an extensive background in Software and Database Development accumulated from thirty years in IT support with twenty years’ experience in database development, cleanup, audit and migration using Microsoft Access. In her time with Audimation, she has received client praise for her “Top Tier” engagement on Monitor and Scripting projects. Kris enjoys looking at problems from new angles to determine the most efficient means of meeting the clients’ needs. Kris has been breeding/showing purebred Balinese cats since 1972 and Oriental Longhairs since 1996. She also hosts one of the largest online pedigree database sites for Siamese and related breeds with nearly 600 users worldwide.

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