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Time Delay on PDF Files

Tech Tip to Save Time when Importing and Modifying PDFs

Have you ever gotten frustrated when working with building a template on extremely large PDF files because of the time involved for IDEA to open these files? Then, after building the template and importing, you realize that you made some type of mistake, or forgot to capture a data field?

If you click the re-run button, you again have to wait for the file to open….but there is a step that you can take to prevent the time delay on any subsequent import/modification of the template. When the PDF file is originally opened in Report Reader, IDEA creates a .txt version of the file which is stored in your temporary folder. If you save this .txt file you could then select this version of the file (rather than the PDF) to import.


Time Delay Steps:


  1. In IDEA, click on File > Option, then select the Folder tab. Take note of the path for the storage of your temporary folders
    Time Delay on PDF Files - Screen Shot 1
  2. When you open the PDF file in Report Reader for the first time, go into Windows Exlporer and locate the .txt copy of your file that was created in the Temp folder. Copy this file into your Source File folder (or wherever the original PDF file is located)
    Time Delay on PDF Files - Screen Shot 2
    Note: There is no short-cut to the initial time required for IDEA to load/convert the PDF file to text, but the above steps will eliminate any need to ever repeat that wait time.

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