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Using Audimated Apps to Save Time & Improve Consistency

Tech Tip Provides an Overview of Audimated Apps & How to Access Free Resources

The SmartAnalyzer Financial App and other Audimated Apps are very powerful additions to IDEA. However, some users may find that they need a little assistance using those tools. Fortunately, there is some help built into the software that is immediately available.


Getting Help in the Report Description


For most of the reports, the best place to get help is right in the same place where you actually run the application. Open IDEA and click the SmartAnalyzer tab. Then click the “Select & Run” icon.


SmartAnalyzer Ribbon - Select & Run Icon


This will open the “Select & Run Audit Tests” window. Left-click on the report you are interested in and view the “Audit Objectives” and “Example” tabs in the lower-left corner of the window. For example, here is what the help looks like for the Duplicate Journal Entries report:


Audit Objective Help Dialog Example for Duplicate Journal Entries App


“Audit Objectives” gives a brief overview of what the specified report is used for. It can be helpful when deciding if that is the report that will suit the user’s needs. The “Example” tab provides more practical information such as the required data types and what the user can expect the output to look like.


Help for Risk-Based Payroll Testing


The Risk-Based Payroll Testing app provides some additional information that could be easily overlooked by many users. As with the other apps, it’s possible to view support documentation by selecting the report on the “Select and Run Audit Tests” window. However, for more detailed support, open IDEA and click the SmartAnalyzer tab. Then click the Management icon.

SmartAnalyzer Ribbon - Management Icon

This will open the App Management window. Click “Display Apps”.


App Management Screen - Select Display apps link


A new window will appear displaying all of the apps installed in IDEA. Click the “Risk-Based Payroll Testing” icon.

Display of Available Apps - Select 'Risk-based Payroll Testing'

A detail of the Risk Based Payroll Testing app will appear. Finally, Click “Documentation” in the lower-left corner.


Description of Risk-based Payroll Testing App


This will bring up a detailed PDF which provides a wealth of useful information for users who want to use this application.


Getting Additional Help


If users still need a hand, there are numerous videos specifically related to Audimated Apps available to them at IDEA Marketplace Apps Video Gallery. In addition, the help desk is more than happy to provide hands-on assistance when you need it.

If you have questions about this or other IDEA functions, please give our help desk a call at:

888-641-2800 Option 4

Or email us at [email protected]

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