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Utilize these plugins to enhance and/or improve the automation of your workflow.

Word Find

This plugin creates a summary of all the words from a selected text field within an IDEA database. The user is given the option to set the minimum number of characters to be considered a word. This plugin produces several different outputs. If the web browser “Chrome” is installed, the plugin generates a word cloud of various words. The plugin also creates a chart within IDEA of the top 20 words along with a file listing all the words that were found within the selected field. You can also use this plugin to look for unusual words within a text field. (added 3-Feb-2020)

Text Analysis

This plugin performs analysis on the text of a report (PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT files only). The results of the analysis are shown in three IDEA databases. The plugin automatically creates sentiment analysis, word frequency bar charts, and a word cloud. To use this plugin, you must ensure Java 7 or higher is installed on your computer. (added 28-Jul-2020)


• Download and install the plugins from IDEA Labs, next time you open IDEA they will appear on the IDEA Lab menu ribbon.

• WORD FIND: Select IDEA Database, character field to search and minimum length of words to report.

A histogram and chart of top 10 words are created along with an IDEA Database of words found and count of each.

• TEXT ANALYSIS: Select a report file – PDF, DOC, DOCX, and TXT files only.

A histogram, chart of top 20 words and sentence sentiment are created along with IDEA Databases of sentences and words found.


IDEA v9/v10

Effective with the release of IDEA 10.3 in Dec- 2017, Python support has been integrated into IDEA to let users execute their existing Python scripts to perform analytic tasks.

The functionality offered by the new IDEA Lab plug-ins was not available prior to IDEA 10.3 and after that, only to users experienced in Python programming could accomplish everything offered by IDEA v11.1 Labs WORD FIND and TEXT ANALYSIS.

To upgrade to IDEA 11.1, please contact [email protected].

If you need help using a specific IDEA feature or function, or even have general technical questions, our Help Desk is ready to support you every step of the way!

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By Kris Willison
Kris joined the Professional Services team in January of 2015 as a Solutions Specialist. She has an extensive background in Software and Database Development accumulated from thirty years in IT support with twenty years’ experience in database development, cleanup, audit and migration using Microsoft Access. In her time with Audimation, she has received client praise for her “Top Tier” engagement on Monitor and Scripting projects. Kris enjoys looking at problems from new angles to determine the most efficient means of meeting the clients’ needs. Kris has been breeding/showing purebred Balinese cats since 1972 and Oriental Longhairs since 1996. She also hosts one of the largest online pedigree database sites for Siamese and related breeds with nearly 600 users worldwide.

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