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An accounting and consulting network operating in 137 countries employs more than 27,000 people offers forensic, litigation and valuation services. The firm often receives client data in a variety of formats, and requires time-consuming clean up before it can be analyzed.


The firm needed to import a receivables trial balance, displaying important accounts by date with details, into CaseWare IDEA® for analysis. Some text and PDF files are difficult to import due to layout and alignment issues. Traps or markers must be placed within the document to extract the appropriate text and numeric data. IDEA’s Report Reader feature helps convert typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text, however additional assistance was needed to prepare the data for import.


The Audimation Services Solutions Development team identified headers and important sum-information, such as account numbers, by using a “pattern match” approach to align the columns. The team also specified the start and end of the document to export data from the PDF into IDEA. All data was validated against established control totals.


By working with the Solutions Development team to sort, set traps and prepare data for import, the firm was not only able to import the data with ease, but the team also provided a template for future imports with similar challenges. Additionally, the firm has saved time on subsequent work for their client by using the template import, thereby increasing their validation rate on their projects.


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