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IDEA Version 9.2 Has Arrived

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Houston – June 12, 2014 – Tip: Check out the “What’s New” presentation when you launch IDEA for the first time or from the Help page on the File tab.

The following new features were added to IDEA Version Nine (9.2):

  • Import and export Microsoft Access 2007-2010 files
  • Change project properties without having a database open
  • Print History and Project Overview in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word
  • Clear, copy, and paste the Control Total
  • Archive Desktop project data
  • Upload Library files to IDEA Server through IDEA Server Administration
  • Allow IDEAScript to handle empty databases
  • Perform fuzzy logic matching using new @Functions
  • Export Pivot Table data to IDEA database files
  • Use exit codes when running a silent install

* SmartAnalyzer 9.2 – Central deployment and silent import of apps: In order to deploy an update for an app to multiple users of a company or organization and make sure that all users are working with the same app version you can now set a silent import for apps. SmartAnalyzer checks for available updates stored in a specified central deployment folder. If the local version is older than the version in this folder, an update will be run. There is no user interaction required. The check and, if necessary, the update are run automatically every time you start SmartAnalyzer. For more information on setting a silent app import refer to the SmartAnalyzer help.

Delivery and Installation
You may download IDEA V9.2 directly from the CaseWare IDEA Support Site

Branded users must contact Audimation Services for instructions to upgrade. All branded users received an update with instructions, however if you need assistance, please contact: Becky Williams.

Thank you for choosing IDEA!

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