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A Global 500 supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to the oil and gas industry needed a way to manage inventory issues including accrual, adjustment, invoices not received and adequacy of provisions.


Inventory data managed through 18 regions grouped into North America, Latin America, Europe & Africa, Russia, Middle East and Asia needed to be centralized and prepared for analysis. The company planned to use Tableau to provide interactive data visualization to graphically report their findings. CaseWare IDEA® would be used to prepare Inventory Indicator data for import into Tableau’s system.


The Audimation Services Solutions Development team developed a toolkit of custom IDEAScripts to import and prepare data for upload into Tableau where graphs would be generated to track inventory consumption, identify adjustments, identify invoices not received, and calculate the adequacy of provisions as a percentage of the balance.


Previous methods required more than a month to graphically represent the appropriate Excel data for inventory processes, and management preferred to view the data using Tableau’s graphic reports. Audimation Services worked with the company’s in-house Tableau expert to prepare data for automatic import into IDEA, and export into Tableau. IDEAScripts were provided for each process including measuring inventory movements and graphing them by geo-market region. The team also developed an independent driver to perform the automatic import/export from Excel into IDEA, then into Tableau. The result was a seamless process to provide management with accurate inventory reports in graphic form, and saved weeks of manual work that was previously required.


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